Ten Ways to Increase Your Income at Work

by Kevin on March 25, 2013

Talk of increasing your income usually centers on finding a new job or starting your own business. But what if you really have no interest in starting your own business, or if there are no jobs available in your field? What if you just like the job you have, and want to do what you can to increase your income there?

That’s what we’re going to talk about here. In order to increase your income, you first need to increase your value to your employer. Below are 10 ways to do just that.

Pick a job in your company and become the Resident Expert

Most jobs involve multiple functions, and there are probably other people in your department or company who perform the same or similar functions. Make a list of all jobs you do it work, then take one or two where you can become an expert. If you do, you’ll become the lead person in that function, and by doing so you will raise your value to the company.

You could become the resident expert in preparing PowerPoint presentations for example. If you have an eye for a bargain, you could become the expert in purchasing office supplies. If you have computer skills, you can become the go to person when someone else is having a computer related problem.

Learn one new job enhancing skill each year

Once a year, choose a skill that will improve your ability to do your job. It could be learning a new software program, taking a course in public speaking or even learning how to fix the copy machines. Any new skill that you learn will improve your value to your employer. Eventually, that will show up in your paycheck.

Start selling for your company – even if you aren’t in sales

Most people take salaried jobs precisely because they do not want to be involved in sales. That’s understandable – most people are not sales oriented. But today, sales are everyone’s job. There is probably no single way that you can distinguish yourself more than if you were to do something to increase your company’s sales.

That can mean keeping an eye open for potential customers and clients in your off-hours, or acting as a primary reference that will enable the company to land a new account. If you only do this a few times a year you’ll come to be viewed as an impact employee.

Become friends with the people in sales

If you absolutely cannot do anything on the sales side, get to know people in the sales department. The people who bring business in the door usually have disproportionate influence on the rest of the company. By developing a relationship with such people, you can actually improve your standing in the organization.

The best way to do this is by doing what you can to help the people in sales do their jobs. If they come to see you as someone they can rely on, you will have created a niche for yourself that will not go unnoticed. If you cannot be in sales, the next best place to be is in sales support.

Learn the business environment your company is part of

Employees often insulate themselves from the big picture environment that the employer is operating in. They come in and do their specific job, and don’t concern themselves with what’s happening beyond. Be different. Get to know the big picture, come to know the challenges your company faces, and be prepared to do whatever you can to help in the cause.

Take an active role in your bosses growth plan

Even if you don’t like your boss, it will be worth your time to find out what his goals are for your department or company. Even better, is if you could get him or her to share with you what his superiors are looking to do. Once you find this out, make a conscious effort to help higher-ups achieve the company goals.

Getting on board with your employer’s direction will raise your value in their eyes. They will see you as an asset in achieving their plans, and that will make you stand out from most of your coworkers.

Be more visible at work

Much like the kids in high school who sit in the back of the room hoping they won’t be called on, a lot of employees try to lay low at work so they won’t be challenged. Forget that and do the opposite. Become more visible at work, and you can do that by getting involved in functions beyond your immediate job. If you come to be seen as someone who can be counted on, your market value will go way up.

Become a trouble shooter

Every company – and every department within it – have problems. If you can position yourself to be at least a part of the solution to those problems, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Employers have plenty of workers who try to do the least that they can order to earn a paycheck. If you become a person who takes on challenges and problems, you’ll become a star in your own right. Every company needs troubleshooters; resolve to become one of them.

Network in your industry

You can read published information to learn what’s going on in your industry, but the better way is to network with other people in the business. People bring more than raw knowledge to the business, they bring perspective. Somewhere in that perspective are ideas that can move the business forward. By interacting with people in the industry outside of your company, you can bring valuable perspective and ideas to your employer.

Take on a task no one else wants

Every company and department have one or more tasks that no one wants to do. If you step up and accept one of those tasks, you could be creating a new job for yourself. That single task could save your job in a round of layoffs. The fact that no one else wants to do the task will make it very difficult for your employer to let go of you. And your willingness to take on an ugly assignment will probably not go unnoticed when your review comes around.

People are often quick to change jobs when they want to make more money. But before doing that you should first try to do what he can to increase your income where you already work. Changing jobs should only be a consideration if you’ve done some of these to improve your current situation. Then if you still have to leave, you’ll be better prepared when you do.

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