April 2013

Pros and Cons of Owning a Race Horse


The prospect of owning a race horse is a great way to gain prestige and be involved in the excitement of races, such as the Kentucky Derby. However, many horse owners often start out at smaller venues. Ownership of a race horse is an investment that is not guaranteed to have a positive return. There […]

How To Increase Your Credit Limit


If you are signing up for a credit card, you’ll be agreeing to certain terms and conditions. As well as a particular interest rate, decided by your credit rating and the credit card deal, you will be given a credit limit. This is the maximum amount you can spend on your credit card without incurring […]

Would You Take An ARM Mortgage In This Rate Environment?

Home Loans

If you need to take a mortgage in order to buy a new home, or refinance the one that you have, would you consider an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), or will you stick with the good, old reliable fixed rate loan? Most people have an overwhelming preference for fixed-rate mortgages, but there are still a […]

Four Unexpected Challenges of Early Retirement

Retirement Planning

Thousands of people are hoping and preparing to be able to retire early in life. How early is early? I suppose it could be any time prior to age 65, but the range runs the gamut. 50 is a very popular target age, and there are plans and strategies to get you out of the […]

The Four Biggest Threats To Your Emergency Fund

Emergency Funds

We may think of an emergency fund as being the safest of all savings vehicles that we have. That of course is what an emergency fund is supposed to be – but it isn’t always, at least not in reality. There are certain threats to your emergency fund, that have the potential either to lower […]

Increasing Your Income to Payoff Debt


There’s no doubt about it, increasing your income to payoff debt can make the whole process…painful. It means having to do something that requires that you step out of your routine. You will probably have to leave your home and take on new responsibilities. But if you’re in debt, especially if you’re deep in debt, […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Financial Gift Giving


When looking for the perfect gift for the relative who has everything, there are most likely very few things that have crossed your mind. You most likely considered cash or gift cards, but knew that the enjoyment of the gift would be gone the second it was spent. You want to give them something useful, […]