June 2013

General Liability Insurance Will Assure Your Business is Protected


As a small business owner you must be highly aware of the importance of general liability insurance. General liability insurance is something that cannot be passed over, period. There are far too many uncertainties that can hinder your business significantly. No matter how many precautions have been taken or how much you’ve planned ahead, accidents still […]

Research to Stay Ahead of The Game

Personal Finance

Most people who go into the world of small business rely on solid research to determine their success. Reliable information about potential investors, competitors, partners and suppliers can make the difference between a well-executed strategy based on intelligence and a perilous, luck-reliant path. Here are three essential areas where company directors can focus their research […]

Get Landlord Insurance


When you have a property portfolio it is important to keep all your insurances up to date and to take out the correct cover. It doesn’t matter whether you only let your properties out to family or friends you will need to have specialist landlord insurance to protect your investment properties. With adequate insurance cover, […]

Your Business Energy Bill, Explained


Wouldn’t it be fabulous if your gas and electricity bill was based wholly on what energy you actually use? Unfortunately, your bill doesn’t just reflect what energy you’ve used, instead including various elements that add to your British Gas business electricity bill that are completely inevitable. In fact, wholesale gas and electricity only makes up […]