What Jobs Make The Most Money? A Look Into The Top 5 Earners

by Hasan Abbas on December 8, 2013

For a long time, people have always been obsessed with jobs make the most money. The truth of the matter is that everyone dreams and aspires to become financially independent. The thought of having a “fat” bank account always makes people go to extra lengths to get a quality education as well as try their hands in different professions. Careers that promise people high incomes or returns have not changed so much in the last decade. The most notable jobs that are known for making money are as follows:

1. Airline Pilots

A career in piloting has always been among the most fancied professions. Many children of their tender age always dream of becoming pilots. Well, the dream is always justified considering that pilots earn a pretty penny. A senior pilot may earn as much as $ 210,000, while a junior pilot earns approximately $ 150,000. Although the career is quite demanding, the pilot also has many exclusive perks to compensate him/her for the effort.

2. Surgeon

Surgery still remains one of the most promising careers. This is attributed to the ever increasing demand for surgeons taking into account the widening gap between the young and the old. Additionally, becoming a surgeon requires a lot of resources and personal ambition as not everyone is “called” to be proficient in handling the scalpel. According to the latest Labor statistics, a surgeon earns an average of about $ 182,000.

3. Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiologist is a medical practitioner whose job entails offering pain relief to patients. Considering that most medical operations require the use of anesthetics, the role of the medic will always remain highly sought after. An anesthesiologist earnings range from$ 170, 000 to $ 175,000.

4. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Any person thinking of making money abundantly will always aim at becoming a Chief Executive Officer of a company. CEOs are in charge of the organization and influence the path the company takes in achieving its goals and mission. The more effective one is the more marketable he becomes. Becoming a CEO takes a lot of effort considering the cutthroat competition in the economy. Nonetheless, with a possibility of earning approximately $ 145, 000, the effort and determination is well worth it.

5. Petroleum Engineers

Engineering has always been considered a worthy profession. This is influenced by the boom in construction and engineering projects. However, some of the best earners come from the petroleum sector. This is credited to the increasing demand of oil and petroleum products hence the engineers have to work overtime to satisfy the appetite. A petroleum engineer earns about $ 140, 000.

The above careers will appeal to any person looking to making money. However, it is worth noting that they require a lot of investment in education, training, as well as personal effort. For instance, to become a commercial pilot, an individual has to undergo a number of certification programs as well as investing a substantial amount of flight hours. Medical practitioners are also known to “burn the midnight oil” as part of their career. While comparing what jobs make the most money, it is evident that jobs related to information technology have great potential as top money earners. Such jobs include system analyst, programmers, as well as internet marketers.

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