August 2014

Know The Rules of Credit Repair


Numerous credit repair companions today claim eternal protection from bankruptcies, judgments, liens, and bad loans from credit files. There is even a most suspicious assertion of permanent erasure of bad credit from one’s finances. Be careful of how you decide with credit repair services. If you’re careless, you will be caught in mere sickly sweet promises that ensnare the unknowing naive clients […]

Can Being Married Make You Wealthier?

Personal Finance

Most of us are pretty well acquainted with the benefits of marriage. Love, companionship, romance, the ability to build a family, and not having to worry about finding dates on Friday nights anymore. But being married can make you wealthy too. That isn’t to say that it works that way in all marriages, only that […]

Fuel Efficiency Should Still Be a Major Factor When Buying a Car

Personal Finance

Unless gasoline prices are on the rise it often seems as if fuel efficiency stops being a major factor when buying a car. It’s not that it’s unimportant – it just seems to become less important. Car prices, financing deals, vehicle safety ratings, and even “snob appeal” seem to become major factors. But fuel efficiency […]

7 Ways To Ace A Job Interview


Have you ever had a job interview and thought to yourself, “I sure hope I’m good enough”? If you have, that is a common thought. However, in the job market these days good enough just isn’t good enough! It might get you a “thank you” letter after the fact, but it will seldom land you […]

Dow 15,000 – Where Do We Go From Here?


Do you remember the “New Paradigm”? Back in the late 1990s – when the stock market stair-stepped its way to new records on an almost monthly basis – economists coined the term as a way to explain why the economy would continue expand and the financial markets would continue to rise without limit. Now is […]