Five Cheap Tricks That Will Save on Energy Bills This Winter

by Redeeming Riches on November 11, 2014

save-energy-billSave on Energy Bills This Winter

Worried about your energy bills this winter? Heating can contribute to a significant increase, which is why you’ll need to think in advance and come up with ways to save money. The good news is that a couple of simple tricks can decrease your electricity consumption. Here are five of the best possibilities to consider.

Check The Roof
Many people don’t think to check it, but having a crack or leak in your roof can let a lot of heat out of your home in the winter.  Since heat rises if there is a leak in the roof you will be running your heat twice as much as you need to since it will all be escaping.  Before winter starts it would be great to get your roof inspected and repaired by professionals like those at Johnson Construction Company to make sure your house is not wasting heat.

Reducing the Cost of Heating or Air Conditioning
Most of the increase in your electricity bills in the winter comes from heating and air conditioning. You can take simple actions that will help you pay less for heating your home.

One idea is to open your vents. When the vents in your house are open, your air conditioner or heater will have to work less hard to circulate the air. Thus, you’ll be capable of heating larger spaces much more easily and without bringing the electricity consumption up.

Another awesome trick is turning the heat down instead of completely off before leaving your house. This might sound surprising but reheating a room completely costs much more than having your heating device working all day.

Here is another advice: open the shades in the morning so that they let the sunlight in. Close them at night so that the heat stays in the room.

More Efficient Use of Electronic Devices
Turn off the electronic devices when you don’t need them. You are probably used to having your computer and TV plugged in all the time but giving up on this habit means that you’ll save money on electricity.

Also, remember to unplug the chargers after you are done charging your device. Otherwise they draw power that goes nowhere.

Washing Clothes
Most of the electricity your washing machine consumes comes from trying to heat the water. Turn down the heat when you wash your clothes. Such practices are energy efficient and they’ll also protect your beautiful winter clothes from discoloration.

Washing Dishes
What was said about washing machines applies to dishwashers, as well. There are different settings on your dishwasher that use different temperatures but all of them will clean and sanitize your dishes.

Turning off the lights you don’t need will save big on energy bills. For example, use only the bedside lamp when you read instead of having five different bulbs on at the same time.

Another smart idea is to buy energy efficient LED or CFL light bulbs. These bulbs last longer than the regular ones. Use them for rooms where you turn the light off and on often and you will notice a significant decrease in your energy bills soon.

A final thing you should consider before the arrival of the cold winter is insulation. Proper insulation minimizes heat loss, which has a serious impact on your energy bills. Quality insulation can save you approximately 20 percent on utility bills, which is why spending some money on this kind of home improvement will deliver a significant return on investment.

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