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by Redeeming Riches on November 26, 2014


Practical, sensible advice about how to save and invest your money are values that each of these female money gurus celebrate in their life and their business educating others on how to handle money.  You can learn a lot from them about how to deal with your money so it doesn’t  affect your relationships with your spouse and family while fulfilling your life goals like retirement or your children’s education. As well, they are leading experts who can speak about pay inequity or other controversial topics.

Till Debt Do Us Part – Gail Val-Oxade

One of my favorite Money Experts is Gail Val-Oxade who talks about Debt, how to stay out of it as well as how to get out of it if you have debt. With her TV show, “Till Debt Do us Part” and many books she has a large reach into media to educate people on their personal finances.

On this episode from Till Debt Do Us Part , the people have to find a budget !

She is always talking about relationships with your family and how it is affected by money and debt. In a current article “Stare Fear Down”

Gail talks about spirituality and money:

“Those who have a strong spiritual life often find it easier to stare fear down because they understand the role of faith. Having a belief system – be it religious or spiritual – can help enormously. Positive mantras, prayer and a strong belief that life is as it is supposed to be can help to refocus you from the fear to acceptance of what comes next.  It doesn’t mean denying the fear. You must accept and acknowledge the fear for it to lose its hold. It does mean knowing that whatever you do, it is the right thing to do now for the lesson it holds.”

But at the same time, Gail Vaz-Oxlade will speak practically simple advice that “Debt is a dirty little secret”

“The next time envy niggles at you and the thought, “I wish I could too” goes through your head, think about what else you don’t have, along with the new and shiny: the debt. If you’re smart enough to know what’s really important, if you are clear about your values and make your purchases based on what’s important to you, you’ve got no dirty little secrets to hide.  You’re living in the light. And it feels good,  doesn’t it.”

Everyone knows Suze – Suze Orman

Suze Orman of  the Suze Orman Show on CNN network is another TV guru who gives practical advice on budgeting and whether you should pay for the luxuries you want or “can I afford it” advice!  She regularly asks people to come in to her show and talk about money.    Being unaware of what your financial situation is one of her big issues she sees in society.  In this video, she tells a couple more about their financial situation then they know!

This is what happens when you are not on top of your money

or she even give practical “can you afford it “ to a young people 11 year old Peyton  who wants an Xbox One ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGh0W3YqUPU).

Active on Facebook with 500,000 followers, she  talks about all the current issues that are financial from whether the financial situation in the U.S changed the election results to the controversial speech made by Microsoft CEO , Satya Nadella  that women should have faith in  karma that they will get a good pay raise.

Suze Orman wrote:

“To suggest that good karma is all women need only fuels this this dangerous mindset. It plays into what I see so women hope to be true: that their good nature, get along, consensus-building nature will be rewarded without asking. That’s naïve. We’re still dealing with a gender pay gap across diverse professions that often has women working at a discount of 20%-30% less than what their male colleagues earn.”


Suze has a spiritual side as we all do and in “The Courage to be Rich

“Practical, spiritual and above all soundly financial, The Courage to Be Rich addresses the rites of passage we all must face – marriage, divorce, death, spending (and overspending), and taking control of our financial tomorrow’s today. The Courage to Be Rich shows you how to find the clarity, conviction and courage to meet the obstacles and opportunities of a lifetime”


The Zen of Money – Manisha Thakor

Manisha Thakor (@ManishaThakor) is founder and chief executive of Santa Fe, N.M.–based MoneyZen Wealth Management LLC (moneyzen.com) and she writes for the Wall Street Journal as one of their financial experts. She also wrote about the  Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO comment about karma and gave a practical  example about if Joe and Jane had the pay difference doing the same job and Jane had to take 11 years of work for caregiving and :

In nominal dollars, Joe has $1,063,717 in retirement savings. In stark contrast, Jane has barely half–just $585,678. I call this dramatic reduction in long-term savings “The 77/11 Effect.” That’s the impact of earning $0.77 on the male $1.00 over 11 fewer years in the paid workforce. Oh, and don’t forget that Jane’s savings will need to stretch further than Joe’s given her longer life expectancy.

Manisha Thakor has the blog, MoneyZen.com to quote “identify simple, joyful methods that we can all use to feel calmer and more balanced in our relationship to our money.” As well, she is on Facebook where she talks about current politics, finances and how much personal debt is too much!

Manisha Thakor besides helping you manage your money at Moneyzen.com also likes to write about how to speak about money in your relationships whether how to speak about money with your spouse or how adult children come back home and never leave and use the parent’s retirement resources.

If you follow these three experts about money and finance, you should find you spend less, save more and learn new techniques to have a successful financial future.

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