Can Frugality and Abundance Play Well Together?

by Redeeming Riches on December 2, 2014

frugality-and-abundanceCan Frugality and Abundance Play Well Together?

Many have questioned whether or not it is possible to focus on frugality and achieve abundance. The answer to this inquiry, in short, is “yes”. It is possible for frugality and abundance to play well together. As a matter of fact, most individuals that engage in a frugal lifestyle do so with the intention of creating and/or experiencing some degree of abundance within their lives. Many confuse the frugal lifestyle with being highly restrictive when, in fact, it is simply the act of making purchases in moderation so that the most important expenses within life are not compromised. Simply because one is frugal and focus on lowering their monetary expenditures does not mean that those individuals are unable to live abundantly. The frugal know and understand that the ability to purchase items or the inability to do so does not impact one’s ability to live a fruitful and personally fulfilling life.

Most individuals define abundance as the experience of a lifestyle that has a lot to it – more than is absolutely necessary to survive. The mistake is made when these items of survival are interpreted as items that can be bought. There are many other things and situations in life that can lead to our level of abundance that cannot be bought. Examples of these include laughter, creating memories, and valuing time with our loved ones. Those that live frugal lifestyles do not do so with greedy intent in their hearts. They do not abrasively hold on to every dollar that they have in order to prevent others from having it or other selfish reasons. Instead, they preserve their cash for the things that matter most in life – financial security, emergencies, experiences that create long-lasting memories, improving the lives of those that they love, and similar events, things, and situations in life. This is why the person that practices frugality is often the person that experiences the highest level of abundance. They take their focus off of what money can buy and transition it to the things that they know money is unable to buy.

Those that practice a high level of frugality know and understand the following:

  • It is important to stretch the overall value of the money that they have so that they are able to get as much as is needed, without spending everything that they have.
  • Smart spending is of the highest importance, even during periods where there are higher amounts of money free to spend.
  • Expensive expenses may be substituted with more economical expenses at all times.
  • It is essential to learn how to do common and not-so-common tasks on your own instead of paying extra money for the assistance of professionals. Not only does it save money, but, it optimizes a person’s knowledge and skill-set.
  • Success is not dependent upon “keeping up with the Joneses”. Instead it is dependent upon personal effort, dedication, and accomplishments.
  • Value should be placed on those things and experiences that cannot be bought. As a result, those that practice frugality focus on acquiring these things and experiences.

Abundance may be experienced by the frugal. In order to succeed in acquiring abundance, one must be goal-driven, highly optimistic, and experience a high level of contentment with things and experiences that are considered to be non-material. By using the money that is available, one that practices frugality will always have the money that is needed to acquire that which is necessary to their lives. They will be open to experiences that create memories and excitement for both themselves and the ones that they love. In addition to this, those things which cannot be bought are not considered to be the underlying basis for their happiness. In taking this spin on life, anyone is able to successfully experience abundance and frugality all at once.

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