6 Frugal Living Ideas For Your Household

by Redeeming Riches on January 20, 2015

frugal-living-ideasFrugal Living Ideas – 6 Money Saving Tips for the Frugal-Minded Household

There are several frugal living ideas for individuals that want to make the most of what they have and save money. While it is easy for one to state that they want to make the most of their household income, it may prove to be a challenging endeavor. The frugal living ideas contained in this guide call for a lifestyle change and a conscious-based awareness of how the household income is spent and saved. In addition to this, it calls for a little know-how. Furthermore, when working to ensure that a household is frugal-minded, it is best to opt for steps that will result in frugal family fun. A family that comes together for a common goal and has fun taking the steps to achieve success is a family that will make the most of what they have and the money that they have at their disposal. Here, you will learn 6 money saving tips for the frugal-minded household.

1. Create a Budget

The top-rated step of all frugal living ideas is to create a family budget. While this may not be the most entertaining of all action steps required to make the most of what you have, for less, it is a necessary step. In order to ensure that you have complete control over your family income, you must designate where that money goes through a budget. This is, in the most basic terms, a written plan that pertains to your household finances.

2. Live Below – Not at or Over – Your Means

In order to enjoy a little frugal family fun, you should make it a game to ensure that you live below – not at or over – your means. Essentially, this means that you should work to spend less than you actually make. While this seems like a very obvious step, many families struggle with this. The budget that you created in the first step will assist you in determining what your family can and cannot afford. Once you have made this determination, you should never exceed that which cannot be afforded, based on your budget.

3. Automatic Savings

The next most popular idea when it comes to frugal living ideas is to set up an account for automatic savings. You should set up a designated amount each week or month that is deposited into a savings account, automatically. Because you will never actually “see” the amount, you will not experience the issue of missing the money. In addition to this, if you receive a pay raise, a tip, or a bonus, this should be put into a savings account.

4. Plan Your Meals

When it comes to frugal living ideas, planning meals is an essential step. It is also a step that will increase the frugal family fun that you experience. You may get all of your family members together to determine both what meals will be prepared for the week and even assign each member a job in the preparation. Not only will this assist in managing your family’s time, but, it will also help you save money. By planning your meals, you will find that you only need to purchase the ingredients associated with the meal and other items associated with that meal.

5. Focus on Cash Only Purchases and Payments

When it comes to frugal living ideas, the use of cash only for purchases and payments is a big, but, necessary, step. It is easy to swipe a card, but, hard to spend cash. However, since the ultimate goal when it comes to frugal family fun is to make the most of resources and to spend less so that more may be saved, it is necessary to spend that cash. If you do not have the cash for the purchase, then, the purchase should not be made. If you must make a payment – such as a utility bill, or your house payment – you should always ensure that you pay cash and avoid using credit.

6. Stay at Home

If you want to ensure that you save money and make the most of your resources, opt to stay at home instead of going out. There are many enjoyable activities that you and your family may enjoy from the comfort of your home that results in very little spending. Examples include playing board games, creating a garden, doing “treasure hunts” by cleaning out closets, having a cookout, or playing an outdoor game.


The frugal living ideas contained in this guide are simple and straight-forward. If you are looking to have a little frugal family fun while saving money and make the most of the resources that you currently have, all of the ideas contained here will assist you with your endeavor. Remember, being frugal is more than just a one-time activity. It is a complete lifestyle change that requires you to change your behaviors and attitude towards money. It is not always easy, but, it has the potential to be fun and exciting for all involved. Simply make a game out of the frugal living ideas that you elect to adopt, and you will find it will be easier to transition into this way of life.

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