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by Redeeming Riches on February 10, 2015

financial-investing-newsFinancial Investing News – Small Investments over Time Lead to Big Profits

According to financial investing news articles, individuals that engage in small investments, over time, have the ability to build a portfolio that may lead to big profits. We all understand that money does not have the capability of growing on trees, but, it does have the potential to grow when it is saved and invested in a wise and prudent fashion. One of the most important skill-sets that you will have in your life is learning how to properly secure your financial well-being. By combining a few basic points, formulating a plan, and taking action, you have the unique ability of creating a financially-sound future. This is especially true if you utilize that impulse buying addiction that you have for the greater good of your investment portfolio. Instead of purchasing random items with absolutely no long-term value, focus your impulse buying efforts on investment opportunities that will enhance the value of your portfolio.

The Basics of Financial Success

No one person is born with the knowledge of how to save money or how to properly invest money. Each person that has achieved any degree of success in investments has started with the absolute basics. While it is true that many will experience some form of financial security in their lives because of an inheritance, or another type of financial windfall, most attain their level of financial security by learning how to save their money and invest their money over the course of a long time period. Even individuals that have only a modest degree of means will eventually experience financial security after saving and investing. These are the people that are able to, eventually, invest in their education or the education of their children, purchase a home, buy a vehicle, and enjoy their golden years through a lucrative retirement. Even if you have an impulse buying addiction, it is possible for you to enjoy all of this, and more! You must simply use that addiction to your benefit and complete the following steps:

  • Create a financial plan for your life.
  • Ensure that you make the effort to pay off debts that are considered to be “high interest”.
  • Once your debts have been successfully eliminated, save your money.
  • Once you have accumulated enough in your savings, start investing.

Take Control

Based on financial investment news articles, managing personal finances is considered to be a very complex task. While it is true that most Americans enjoy the luxury of possessing a bank account and a credit card, it is also true that many are plagued by financial obligations that may prove to be detrimental to their financial health. Examples of these obligations include student loans, home loans, credit card debt, and personal loans. In most instances, impulse buying addictions have led to the debt that a person has accumulated in life. Money certainly is not considered to be “everything” when it comes to life, but, it has an amazing amount of direct influence on our lives. One of the main issues when it comes to losing control over personal finances is impulse buying. This happens when we seek instant or immediate gratification by randomly purchasing items that are not needed, or are not necessarily needed immediately. While it is exceptionally difficult to eliminate this addiction, it is possible to take control over it. The best method in doing so is to turn our impulse buying addiction from unnecessary, unfulfilling “things” into that which is more productive. When it comes to our financial security, the most productive purchases made during impulse buying sprees are investments that have the ability to lead to long-term financialsuccess.

Investing on Impulse

In researching financial investing news articles, you will not see a lot of information on the concept of impulse buying on investments. The main reason for this is that financial experts believe that if you are interested in investing, you should do so with a lot of contemplation, study, and know-how. In the traditional sense of the word, this is the ideal situation when it comes to investing; however, today’s experts are now starting to express in financial investment news pieces that, if you suffer from impulse buying, you may as well use the addiction in the most productive manner possible. When it comes to your long-term financial success, this means impulsively purchasing investments for your portfolio so that you are able to see your money grow. It does not matter if you invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, or savings. Eventually, you will see that your rapid investments lead to financial growth. By approaching your portfolio in this way, you will eventually come to spend all of your money on the investments because you will discover that it is the investments that are allowing you to experience true gratification in life, not the random, meaningless products you purchase over-the-counter.

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