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by Redeeming Riches on March 23, 2015

save-money-on-easterThere are many ways to save money on Easter. It is not at all uncommon for many families to find themselves under financial strain immediately following the Easter holiday. The purchase of Easter attire, Easter baskets from the ever-popular Easter Bunny, treats, games, and activities have a way of quickly adding up; however, this does not have to be the case. There is no need to tap into your savings or fall back on your credit cards in order to properly fund your holiday activities and celebrations. Simply use the steps highlighted in this brief financial guide in order to successfully save money on Easter.

Create Your Own Easter Baskets

One of the most productive ways to save money on Easter is to create your own Easter baskets. When visiting your local stores this Easter, you will quickly discover that the pre-made baskets that are for sale are quite expensive. These pricey pieces range anywhere from $15.00 and up. In addition to being quite costly, the baskets contain very few items and treats. Simply take an old pail from your home, clean it, decorate it, and throw your own Easter treats and toys in for an instant hit on Easter morning.

Host an Egg Hunt

There are many exciting activities and games that you may indulge in at Easter; however, the time-honored tradition of hunting Easter eggs remains to be the most popular of all. If you want to save money on Easter, you should host an egg hunt at your home. Not only will you enjoy the activities, you can request all that attend to bring a dozen eggs or more to contribute to the hunt and a covered dish. This will help you avoid the costs of purchasing and decorating your own eggs and preparing all of the food that will be presented at the event! This is a fun and productive way to save a lot of money at Easter!

Make Your Own Candy

In shopping for Easter candy, you will reach one main conclusion. That is, the candy sold for Easter at your local retailers is high-priced. If you want candy, make your own. By obtaining a few simple ingredients, such as sugar, water, flavoring, and food coloring, you may create your own rock candy. By combining cocoa, water, milk, and sugar, you may create your own fudge. By combining peanuts and peanut butter with a tad of cream, you may create your own peanut butter candies. The list goes on and on!


Learning how to save money on Easter may prove to be a bit challenging, at first; however, with a little research, a little bit of time on the task, and a bit of creativity, you are sure to discover numerous ways to reduce the amount of money that you spend this Easter. Many items that you already have available such as decorative items in your home, clothing pieces, and ingredients will provide you with the head start that you need to stay away from spending your hard-earned money, tapping into your savings, and/or using those credit cards. By using the steps contained in this simple guide, you will find that you save money on Easter, and lots of it!

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