Top Tip to Save Money – Perform Regular VehicleMaintenance

by Redeeming Riches on April 26, 2015

Top Tip to Save MoneyAccording to financial experts, the top tip to save money is to ensure that you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. A few tricks in this area have the potential to save you hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars. Not only will you save a tremendous amount of money, but, regular maintenance will assist in ensuring that you get the absolute best value and the longest life out of your vehicle. The very first step that should be taken is to completely read the manual that comes with your vehicle. This guide will instruct you on what types of maintenance needs to be performed, and when that maintenance should be performed. Additionally, you will learn about specifics pertaining to your vehicle – such as the type of fuel that should be used, the proper size of tires your vehicle needs, various part numbers, and where everything is located. If you are learning how to save up money, start with your vehicle.

Evaluate Fluid Levels Regularly

Each and every single vehicle that is currently on the road has its own, individualized maintenance schedule. By ensuring that you follow the schedule associated with your vehicle, you will optimize its life, its safety level, and its performance level. There are several maintenance tasks that you do not need a professional mechanic’s assistance. The main one is evaluating the fluid levels of your vehicle on a regular basis. Your vehicle has several different types of fluid. These include water, antifreeze, oil, wiper fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. You should determine where the reservoirs for each of these fluids are and learn how to check them to ensure that they are at the proper levels. This is the first step to avoiding unnecessary repair bills.

The Tires

The next tip to save money, as it pertains to vehicle maintenance, is to become familiar with the tires that are on your vehicle. These components of your vehicle are in constant contact with the road. Additionally, they may come in contact with items that have the potential to result in damage, such as nails and rocks. Furthermore, the air level within the tires have a direct impact on prolonging the life of each of the tires and saving money on how much fuel the vehicle consumes. It is a known fact that all tires naturally lose air. On average, a tire may lose anywhere from one pound to two pounds of air each and every single month. As a result of this fact, be certain to check the inflation levels of each tire, monthly. You should also search for signs of damage and/or distress. When checking your tires, be certain to always evaluate your spare and make sure your tire jack and supplies are in good working order.

The Air Filter

The air filter is a very important component of the overall functionality of your vehicle. Best of all, it does not require a mechanic’s help to change. This should be changed about once each three to four months. If the filter becomes loaded with debris, it could detrimentally impact your fuel mileage and the overall functionality of your vehicle. If you are learning how to save up money, you should learn how to change your air filter. Not only is this a very easy task, it is also inexpensive.


The top-rated tip to save money is to make certain that you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. By reading your owner’s manual, you will learn specific information that pertains directly to the vehicle that you own. You should ensure that you evaluate the fluids on a regular basis, check your tires and the air pressure in your tires and spare, make sure that your tire jack and associated supplies are in good working order, and change your air filter at least once every three months. By taking these very simple steps – which require no mechanic – you have the ability to save hundreds, even thousands, each year. Additionally, this top tip for saving money will prolong the life of your vehicle!

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