Restore Your Financial Faithfulness

by Redeeming Riches on May 17, 2015

financial-faithfulnessBy simply restoring your financial faithfulness, as a Christian, you have the capability of joining the worldwide financial freedom network of individuals that have recognized their financial bondage and have learned the steps to break free from that bondage. The ability to experience financial freedom manifests itself in nearly every single aspect of a Christian’s life. You may enjoy relief from the excessive worry and tremendous tension that stems from having overdue bills, experience a clear conscience about your spending habits in front of others and in front of God, and realize that God is in complete control of the money that he allots to you.

If you are finding restoring your financial faith to be difficult, you are not alone. Many Christians find that they experience a wide array of financial complications. It is important to realize, though, that God often allows the consequences of our previous actions to come into full effect in order to reinforce important lessons that he wants us to learn when it comes to money. Furthermore, God does not promise us that life or our financial situation will be easy and all difficulties will be completely removed; he only promises that he will be there for us and will never forsake us. In addition to this, God promises us that we have the ability to experience his peace. By praying about restoring your financial faith, you are sure to experience the joy of joining the metaphoric financial freedom network.

The Lord is the ultimate master of the world…the entire universe. When we entrust our finances to him, we have nothing to worry over and nothing to fear. We must simply seek his wisdom and follow his rules for living. God knows that we are but mere humans and are bound to make a mistake or two, in the way of our spending. We may step out of his will before we even realize that is what we are doing. When we find that this happens, we must simply go to God in prayer and admit our mistakes. We must admit that we were trying to control ourselves and our money and we have made a mistake. It is then that God will forgive us and give us the wisdom that we need to entrust our finances to him. When restoring your financial faith, this is one of the most important measures you can take.

True Christians are the individuals that are part of the symbolic financial freedom network. By depending on the Lord our God, we accept that he wants us to experience financial freedom and that we will experience it when we allow God to manage our money. By restoring your financial faith and becoming part of God’s financial freedom network, you will find that you lose the desire to step beyond his will and spend the money that you are entrusted with in a shallow or detrimental fashion.

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