God’s Grace and Financial Wealth Management

by Redeeming Riches on May 21, 2015

bibleThe topic of financial wealth management occurs several times throughout the Bible. If you are searching for tips to manage money, you should direct your studies to the holy book in order to uncover what is said in regards to God’s grace and financial wealth management. Most people, in one way or another, are ruled by an insatiable desire to become rich, money-wise. Who does not long for enough money to handle their financial obligations, build their emergency funds, and engage in purchases and activities that they have always dreamed of experiencing? There is absolutely nothing wrong with acquiring wealth; however, it is imperative that we follow the rules that God has outlined for living wisely with wealth. In this financial wealth management guide, you will be introduced to important information on tips to manage money, according to God’s word and his grace.

Money Has the Potential to Destroy

While most secretly long for money, it is crucial to know and understand that it has the potential to destroy your life. Despite this dire warning, many are still actively dreaming of and pursuing riches for their lives. There is nothing wrong with acquiring wealth, but, it must be used in the way that God intended. If you engage in any of the following, you must reevaluate your pursuit of money and your thoughts and behaviors associated with money as it may be destroying you:

  • If you fall into sin while pursuing wealth or immediately after experiencing wealth
  • If you become a slave to foolish wishes, according to God’s word
  • If you engage in various types of activities that erode your character
  • If you plunge into a world of moral ruin as a result of money
  • If you wander and neglect your faith

God is the Rightful Owner

According to the Bible, we are to honor the Lord when it comes to our money. This includes respecting and identifying God as the rightful owner of the money that we receive and possess. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a desire to become rich. The problem comes in when that desire becomes the number one priority in our lives. At this point, the desire is considered to be a sinful desire. When the desire to become rich becomes a sin, we transition for worshipping the one true God to worshipping money and making it our god. We place ourselves in a position where we serve money. Respecting God as the rightful owner of all of our riches is the first genuine step to successful financial wealth management.

Live by Grace

Believers are instructed to live by grace in each and every single aspect of their lives. This includes finances. We must be willing to surrender all of the money that we accumulate and all of the money that we possess into the hands of God. We are told that he will provide our needs; therefore, it is important to appreciate every penny received and have faith that God has given us enough and will ensure that our needs are met. Financial gains and financial losses are ALL part of God’s plan for our lives. In some instances, we may experience financial hardships. Many of us may even experience poverty; however, if we live by grace, financial wealth management is possible. Combine this with the tips to manage money of learning when money becomes dangerous to your life and recognizing God as the rightful owner of the money, you are sure to experience a high level of success when it comes to financial wealth management.

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