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by Redeeming Riches on July 21, 2016

girl_phoneWe are at a time when saving money is one of the top concerns for the average person. Thankfully, app developers have been churning out quality apps that have transformed the average smartphone into a money saver.  This piece takes a look at some of the best.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight helps travelers to negotiate discounts on last-minute bookings. It has helped an increasing number of regular travelers to book hotel deals a lot later than everyone else. Many book theirs on arrival at their destination. Using this app requires a bit of boldness as there is always the chance that you won’t find your preferred room options available with a discount.


This app gives you a new way of browsing through upcoming music concerts and buying tickets. The tickets are saved directly onto your smartphone and you save money by not paying any booking fees at all. The app doesn’t cover all gigs though, as offers are curated by the apps editorial team. The app is growing in popularity and it allows a lot of people to discover a host of new but quality bands and musicians.

Skyscanner Flights

If you are looking for a robust solution for comparing flights, Skyscanner is the leading option. You can quickly tap in your desired destination to see companies offering the cheapest rates for your route. There are several effective filters that ensure only the most relevant options are displayed in search results.


With mySupermarket, you get a shopping list app and a discount hunting app. The app allows you to key in products you have to buy within the week and allows you to mark them off as you do your shopping. The app offers discounts by constantly comparing prices across other supermarkets so you can see bargains that are there to be had in real time.

Free mobile slots

There are so many of them to choose from. Most of them are app based whilst others are mobile browser based.  These no deposit mobile slots allow you to get your first fix of mobile casino gaming free of charge as there is no requirement for prior deposit. Find a no deposit mobile slots site that appeals to you and start playing right away.

Meter Readings

For many, keeping on top of electricity and gas bills is a chore. You may know all the tips on saving water or saving energy but still have a hard time keeping spending down. Meter Readings is an app designed to rescue you from the hard work. The app features lots of graphs for tracking usage and costs, but, most importantly, it saves you money by comparing rates from other providers supplying utilities to your area. So, you can find better deals without having to endure hours on the phone to sales agents, or browsing the web.


MoreMoney app offers you a quick and simple way to find estimates for car and home insurance, and a plethora of other financial services, including tips on reducing your mortgage.  Many people would rather hunt for insurance deals on desktop but this app offers a unique and robust mobile solution.


When looking for money-saving voucher apps, there are lots of available options in the various mobile app stores. VoucherCodes, however, is one of the most comprehensive, as it offers a healthy mix of shopping, eating and travel discounts. It is equally easy to spot local deals with the app. A nice addition to your smartphone.

These apps cover a lot of different needs, and can help you save a fair bit of money over the year.

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