An Investor’s Guide to UK Cities for Rental Returns

by Redeeming Riches on February 22, 2019


Over the past couple of years there has been a rising number of property investors that are choosing Liverpool. Increasing student numbers, a thriving economy and a diverse range of regeneration schemes have secured the city as one of the most best cities in the UK to achieve high rental returns.

Liverpool’s population is set to increase to 970,000 by 2030, which will intensify the tenant demand within the city. Growing student numbers are resulting in stronger returns, creating a fantastic time to consider investing in Liverpool property. Certain pockets of the city are boasting returns as high as almost 12% as well as having three postcodes in the top ten best performing buy to let postcodes in the UK. L7 has rental yields of 11.79%, L6 at 11.52% and L1 city centre at 9.36%. These impressive rental yields have created a hotspot for investment, that is enticing more and more investors into the area. Due to increasing property prices and a flourishing regional economy, Liverpool really is property gold.

Regeneration is propelling the city into an instantly recognisable location worldwide as ambitious schemes are transforming existing residential and commercial spaces. Through the injection of investment into the underutilised parts of Liverpool, the city has strengthened to become a city for everyone. Student accommodation like those from RW Invest are changing the skyline, The Knowledge Quarter is creating an innovative world class location with close links to one of the country’s highest achieving universities, the University of Liverpool.

Liverpool is embarking on determined schemes that are aiming to create an exceptional landscape, Liverpool Waters is set to transform the iconic docklands through £5.6 million of investment which is adding to the huge surge in searches for Liverpool property. Due to staggering demand from both tenants and investors the city is expanding rapidly to cater for the progressing region. Through progressions in the city, Liverpool is a city that is every investors dream as it has the potential to secure some of the highest returns in the country as well as excellent opportunity for high capital appreciation values over the forthcoming years.


For both first time and experienced investors Manchester is a city dominating the property investment market. As it is surfacing as an increasingly popular city, investors are snapping up property due to the immense growth across the region. Manchester is brimming with culture, retail centres, bustling nightlife and strong student body, all of which make the city an attractive place to live and invest.

The city has the fastest growing population outside of London, increasing by 149% between 2002 and 2015. This climbing population is a result of high achieving universities which attract students from all over the world to study in one of Manchester’s four universities.

For a city receiving record levels of investment through the Northern Powerhouse initiative, Manchester is a city creating a perfect opportunity for property investment, however some postcodes are outperforming others.

Often, the high achieving postcodes are in areas where the volume of students is high. M14 is a firm favourite amongst investors as its proximity to the University of Manchester is attractive to both students and investors. Not only do students find it a great place to live but it also offers the fifth highest yields in country, according to Totally Money, with an average yield of 10.1%. Salford’s M6 also proves to be equally as prosperous as well as up and coming areas such as Levenshulme which offers some of the best Manchester living. Convenient access to transport links across the city and country and well-ranking schools, those looking to invest should consider the up and coming areas of Manchester.

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