Should You Work With a Debt Settlement Company?

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If you’re facing overwhelming debt, turning to a debt settlement company may seem like an easy way out. Their ads often promise to settle your debt for less than you owe by negotiating with your creditors.[1] In reality, these companies often do their customers more harm than good. Understanding the basics of how debt settlement […]

Where To Find High Yield Checking


There was a time when you opened a checking account, and the bank not only gave you a toaster, but paid you interest on your account. The rate wasn’t as much as a savings account, but it was still reasonable. It was seemingly a fair deal. After all, the bank was lending your money to […]

How To Make Money With Your Savings


There are many ways that people can make money with their savings. The easiest way is to leave the money in a bank savings account, although it will earn a tiny amount. A way to earn slightly more while keeping your savings safely in the bank is getting certificates of deposit. At the end of […]

Spread Betting and Conventional Share Trading Compared


Spread betting is illegal in all but four of the United States, but moves are afoot to neuter the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1993 that prevents it, so this might change. Spread betting with such a service as Cantor financial betting and conventional share trading are two ways to make money from the […]

How Much Student Loan Debt To Take On


Ideally, none, but let’s be serious. In 2012 and beyond, just about everyone will have student debt…it’s only a matter of how much. Half of all graduating students now have student debt, according to the College Board. Your total student debt should not surpass what you expect to earn your first year out of college. […]

How To Prepare For The Coming Inflation Period


As many economists have been predicting, a major inflation period is coming. Most people in this country are already on tight budgets. However, the coming inflation will require consumers to be even more clever about how they spend their money. Although this news is disheartening, there are several ways to cut expenses without living like […]

Save on Entertainment Costs and Play Free Online Games


Taking care of your cash and not getting into debt is an important topic these days and with a little thought and organisation you can arrange your budget to ensure you do not fall into the debt trap. We understand the necessity of saving for a rainy day and not incurring debt and would suggest […]

Taking Care of Your Cash on Business Trips


You might know a bit about saving money while travelling for leisure, but what are the rules for business travel? Unfortunately going on a business trip isn’t nearly as enjoyable as boarding the plane with a loved one, but it is up to you to find time to enjoy the local sights and explore the […]

What are Dividends?

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Are you completely confused as to what all of these stock market and financial services terms are?  Could you explain yourself if someone asked you to answer the question what are dividends?  Most individuals will go on the wrong path and not use the various resources available to them on the internet like this one […]

What is Diversification

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What is diversification? Merriam Webster defines it as giving variety to something. Variety is good. It’s good in life, in business, and particularly with our savings. The idea of diversifying has been around a long time. With today’s market volatility, it’s increasingly important to answer the question – what is diversification – through the use […]