What You Should Know about Payday Loans


Nowadays it is hard to find a person who has never heard of payday loans and really the majority of people living from paycheck to paycheck applied for this service at least once. Unfortunately, life is not really easy and sometimes it brings about complications and they are always unexpected and often unpleasant. Much less […]

Should You Use Retirement Savings to Pay Off Debt?


Are there times when you should consider using some of your retirement savings to pay off your debt? Liquidating retirement assets should never be taken lightly, but I do think there are times when doing so is the right course. Here are a few. Survival vs. Retirement If your survival is at stake, this is […]

Paying With Cash VS Credit Cards – A Different Take

Credit Cards

What, another article debating the pros and cons of cash versus credit cards? Yes. And no. I’d like to take a look at this topic from a different angle. Sometimes the reasons we use one product or service has less to do with dollars and cents than it does with non-financial reasons. That’s how I’d […]

Why Credit Cards for Bad Credit are Your Greatest Credit Repair Tools

Credit Cards

If you’re not sure where to begin rebuilding your credit score, consider opening up a credit card for people with bad credit. We know what you’re probably thinking: ‘He’s joking, right?’ Believe it or not, one of the most simple ways you can start the process of repairing your poor credit is by opening a […]

Will the Fiscal Cliff Reduce Mortgage Rates?


No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, everyone can agree that it’s nice to have the elections behind us. No one likes uncertainty, least of all investors — and that means homebuyers as well. That said, there’s a new question looming in all of our heads at this point — what’s going to […]

How to Clean Up Your Credit Report


With the explosion of job losses, foreclosures and bankruptcies in the past few years a lot of people now have to deal with damaged credit profiles. Once sparkling credit reports are now littered with derogatory information that not only makes it difficult to get new credit, but it can also have a negative impact on […]

The Best Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping 2012

Credit Cards

The holiday shopping season seems to sneak up on us practically every year. It seems like just yesterday that everyone you know was in a mad rush to get their holiday shopping done. In the excitement of the holiday season, however, many people forget to do a little financial research that could end up saving […]

Use Debt to your Advantage


Debt is deemed to us as ‘a bad thing.’ However, when we use debt correctly it can be a driving force in getting a home or a new car. Having debt is not all bad, and here are some useful ways we can use debt to our advantage. Debt Management An expert in debt management […]

Should You Work With a Debt Settlement Company?

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If you’re facing overwhelming debt, turning to a debt settlement company may seem like an easy way out. Their ads often promise to settle your debt for less than you owe by negotiating with your creditors.[1] In reality, these companies often do their customers more harm than good. Understanding the basics of how debt settlement […]

Being Debt Free is Achievable


Getting into debt is something that many of us fear, not least because of the problems associated with paying it back in full. Whether it’s because you needed to replace a broken appliance, pay off a mortgage or simply needed to borrow in order to help cover the costs of essentials like food, water, electricity […]

How to Go to College Without Using Student Loans

School Loans
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Student loan debt is at record levels and promising to go even higher. The sad fact is that the typical middle class family can no longer afford the six figure price tag of a college education on a five figure income. Student loans are being taken to fill the gap. The average student debt load […]

50 Of The Best Debt Quotes To Live By


Sometimes it’s encouraging to hear a few inspirational quotes about debt or personal finance.  When it comes to debt, it can be particularly discouraging, especially when you keep finding yourself getting into more debt.  So before you swipe that credit card or apply for a new line of credit, read through a few of these […]