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Can Frugality and Abundance Play Well Together?


Can Frugality and Abundance Play Well Together? Many have questioned whether or not it is possible to focus on frugality and achieve abundance. The answer to this inquiry, in short, is “yes”. It is possible for frugality and abundance to play well together. As a matter of fact, most individuals that engage in a frugal […]

3 Personal Finance Experts You Should Know

Personal Finance

Practical, sensible advice about how to save and invest your money are values that each of these female money gurus celebrate in their life and their business educating others on how to handle money.  You can learn a lot from them about how to deal with your money so it doesn’t  affect your relationships with […]

In 2015, Put Up To $18k into Your 401(k)


In 2015, Put Up To $18k into Your 401(k) How is your 401(K) doing? Do you have any retirement savings in place? If you don’t, then there has never been a better time to start saving. In an effort to ensure that Americans have enough money when it comes time for them to retire, the […]

Five Cheap Tricks That Will Save on Energy Bills This Winter

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Save on Energy Bills This Winter Worried about your energy bills this winter? Heating can contribute to a significant increase, which is why you’ll need to think in advance and come up with ways to save money. The good news is that a couple of simple tricks can decrease your electricity consumption. Here are five […]

Student Loan Forgiveness… Is it Real?

Personal Finance

Student Loan Forgiveness..Is it Real? You may have student loans you must repay after borrowing money to get through college. The thought of that debt can be a bit scary! Many students start looking into student loan forgiveness. While there are programs out there offered, it can be very difficult to qualify for them. The […]

The 3 Step Process to Living Debt Free


The Three Step Process to Living Debt Free Living debt free may seem like a daunting and perhaps hopeless endeavor for many people. Whether you have school loans to pay off, an impossibly high mortgage, or have a tendency to over use your credit card, debt can add up fast. In today’s world people are […]

Top Five Ways to Save Money When Eating Out

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Going out for a meal rather than staying home to cook does come with a vast range of merits. Everyone loves to have a quality restaurant meal every now and then. The problem with such endeavors is that they could be excessively pricey. Looking for ways to save money eating out? Here are a few […]

How to Save $10,000 in One Year


You want to know how to save money? Are you particularly interested in saving 10,000 dollars in a single year? Though it may sound like a very difficult task, commitment to making financially savvy choices will help you get there. If you are really committed to learning how to save money, you’ll need to deal […]

The Top 3 Impacts of Diminishing Marginal Returns on Labor


Diminishing Marginal Returns on Labor There are certain rules in economy that play out correctly every time. There are others that don’t always give you the return on your investment that you expect from your business. When we look at the economy of things, we’ll frequently hear the term diminishing marginal returns or marginal utility. […]

Know The Rules of Credit Repair


Numerous credit repair companions today claim eternal protection from bankruptcies, judgments, liens, and bad loans from credit files. There is even a most suspicious assertion of permanent erasure of bad credit from one’s finances. Be careful of how you decide with credit repair services. If you’re careless, you will be caught in mere sickly sweet promises that ensnare the unknowing naive clients […]

Can Being Married Make You Wealthier?

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Most of us are pretty well acquainted with the benefits of marriage. Love, companionship, romance, the ability to build a family, and not having to worry about finding dates on Friday nights anymore. But being married can make you wealthy too. That isn’t to say that it works that way in all marriages, only that […]

Fuel Efficiency Should Still Be a Major Factor When Buying a Car

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Unless gasoline prices are on the rise it often seems as if fuel efficiency stops being a major factor when buying a car. It’s not that it’s unimportant – it just seems to become less important. Car prices, financing deals, vehicle safety ratings, and even “snob appeal” seem to become major factors. But fuel efficiency […]