Saving Money

Five Jobs That Undergraduates Could Do

College Savings

Money is a very big factor when you’re a college student. I should know because I just graduated recently and the journey for my degree was far from being made up of rainbows and butterflies. The unwritten rule in college is that you need to say goodbye to your diploma if you  can’t financially survive. […]

Your Business Energy Bill, Explained


Wouldn’t it be fabulous if your gas and electricity bill was based wholly on what energy you actually use? Unfortunately, your bill doesn’t just reflect what energy you’ve used, instead including various elements that add to your British Gas business electricity bill that are completely inevitable. In fact, wholesale gas and electricity only makes up […]

The Four Biggest Threats To Your Emergency Fund

Emergency Funds

We may think of an emergency fund as being the safest of all savings vehicles that we have. That of course is what an emergency fund is supposed to be – but it isn’t always, at least not in reality. There are certain threats to your emergency fund, that have the potential either to lower […]

Conference Room Rental Options

Saving Money

Organizations that lack for meeting or conference space need to be able to think on their feet when it becomes critical to find a meeting room soon. In a pinch, the public library might be the answer. There, meeting rooms can be rented for as little as five dollars per hour. The added benefit is […]

You Can Save Money on Home and Car Insurance


You’re no different than anyone else. You want to save money. Period. On anything you can. Others will tell you how to save on decorating or television services or even buying groceries. But there also are ways to save on auto and home insurance without scrimping on coverage. That means if you do have trouble, […]

How to Buy General Liability Insurance

Personal Finance

General liability insurance is often necessary for a small company. This type of insurance coverage assists in protecting the owners and the business assets. A liability insurance policy covers business liabilities that may otherwise be directed at the company owners and employees. General liability insurance says that the company is protected against any third party […]

Will Saving 10% of Your Income Be Enough to Retire?


As human beings we like numbers, especially round ones. If I want to plan for retirement, don’t give me a lot of charts and graphs, just give me a percentage that I need to save. A common percentage is 10%. It’s simple. It seems doable. And if you’re a Christian, it matches the tithe, so […]

Use Coupons to Save Money

Saving Money

Saving money while shopping for clothing, groceries and even home decor can help you reduce the amount you are spending on a daily, monthly or even on an annual basis. If you are interested in saving even more each time you shop and you are seeking new methods of doing so, ensuring you are putting […]

5 Reasons Why Leasing a Car Makes Sense

Personal Finance

Leasing a vehicle allows you to temporarily drive a car without actually owning the vehicle. You make payments to borrow the car; and you return the car to the company after the period is complete. Leasing terms are usually shorter than five years, and the monthly payment amount is lower than a car loan. Your […]

Are Gym Memberships Worth the Money?

Saving Money

Millions of people belong to gyms and since there’s a cost associated with doing so they’re also an expense that we in the personal finance world sometimes take aim at. After all, if you’re looking to cut costs you have to look at all expenses and especially those that aren’t completely, absolutely, positively necessary, right? […]

Saving Money on Energy Costs

Saving Money

Gas and electricity can cost more than other expenses in a household if some things are not done to control the costs. You can use simple solutions to save money on energy costs. These solutions will require making some lifestyle changes. Make Small Adjustments Sometimes the changes will require you to change to way you […]