Ultimate Guide to Save More for Retirement


Typically you need to work to make money. Saving your money over the course of your career is how everyone saves for retirement but what if you could have your money work for you on your way to, and during, retirement. Before we dive into the tips here are a few points to remember It […]

What Will You Need for a Comfortable Retirement?


Retirement Investment Plans – A Must-Have for the Individual Seeking a Comfortable Retirement According to financial experts, retirement investment plans are a must-have for the person that has a desire to experience a comfortable retirement. We often hear the phrase, “Knowledge is Power”. This is a key phrase and fact when it comes to planning […]

In 2015, Put Up To $18k into Your 401(k)


In 2015, Put Up To $18k into Your 401(k) How is your 401(K) doing? Do you have any retirement savings in place? If you don’t, then there has never been a better time to start saving. In an effort to ensure that Americans have enough money when it comes time for them to retire, the […]

Planning for Your Retirement: It’s Never Too Late

Retirement Planning

Retirement? How can you think about retirement when you’re having trouble paying your mortgage and you’re about 30 days from the curb? Your job is a little shaky right now too. On top of that, you just had to drain your savings for an emergency. Fortunately, even if you’re having a boatload of financial problems, […]

Why More Americans are Putting their Eggs in Roth Baskets

Estate Planning

(Reuters) – Affluent Americans are showing a growing preference for paying taxes on their retirement savings sooner rather than later. Data released earlier this month by the Internal Revenue Service shows that conversions from tax-deferred individual retirement accounts to Roth IRAs increased ninefold in 2010, to $64.8 billion. That was the first year when a […]

First Steps To Investing In Gold

Estate Planning

Whether you are new to precious metals investing or you already have invested in gold, silver, platinum or palladium, a review of basic tips can’t hurt to ensure you are making the right move for your financial goals and future. We put together this simple guide to help you through the first steps of investing […]

Four Unexpected Challenges of Early Retirement

Retirement Planning

Thousands of people are hoping and preparing to be able to retire early in life. How early is early? I suppose it could be any time prior to age 65, but the range runs the gamut. 50 is a very popular target age, and there are plans and strategies to get you out of the […]

Why You Shouldn’t Hold Company Stock in Your 401(k)

Retirement Planning

Holding your company’s stock in your 401(k) plan seems to be a natural fit on the surface. Many people do hold company stock in their retirement plans, if only because the employer match may be provided by the stock. If you’re contributing say 6% of your annual income to your 401(k) plan, and your employer […]

Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Retirement Planning

When it comes to retirement planning, everyone focuses mostly on building up the largest retirement savings nest egg they can. But there’s more to preparing for retirement than just building up a large retirement portfolio. Just as important is avoiding common mistakes that can sabotage the best intended retirement savings plan. Here are just a […]

Should You Use Retirement Savings to Pay Off Debt?


Are there times when you should consider using some of your retirement savings to pay off your debt? Liquidating retirement assets should never be taken lightly, but I do think there are times when doing so is the right course. Here are a few. Survival vs. Retirement If your survival is at stake, this is […]

Will Saving 10% of Your Income Be Enough to Retire?


As human beings we like numbers, especially round ones. If I want to plan for retirement, don’t give me a lot of charts and graphs, just give me a percentage that I need to save. A common percentage is 10%. It’s simple. It seems doable. And if you’re a Christian, it matches the tithe, so […]

Confused by Your Retirement Plan? You’re Not Alone

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Retirement plans are confusing the world over! Recent research shows that the British public are confused by them too, confirming the idea that wherever you live, pensions are difficult. However, this is no reason for apathy! Find out all you can and start your retirement plan as soon as possible to ensure a comfortable future. […]