Planning to Retire? Avoid Living in These States!

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If you’re getting ready to retire and thinking about where to live, you may want to think twice about which state you choose. Last month, ran an article posted by John Brady detailing the worst states to live in for retirees.  Their weighting system included taking a look at fiscal health, taxation, and climate. So […]

8 Exceptions to the 10% Penalty for an Early IRA Withdrawal

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Need cash?  Thinking about taking an IRA withdrawal? Think long and hard because you may have to pay  a nice little 10% penalty for early IRA withdrawals! IRA penalty – Oh yeah, Uncle Sam will love you! If you are age 59 1/2 or older, you can take an IRA withdrawal without any penalties at all. If […]

4 Benefits of Using a Retirement Calculator

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If you have not already started planning for your retirement you should start today. While everyone looks forward to their golden years a lot of people are afraid of retirement or have no idea what kind of retirement savings it will take to make for an enjoyable retirement. One of the great tools available to […]

What Kind of IRA Rates Are You Getting?

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I should do a post of the most commonly asked questions I get when talking about personal finance with folks. How much interest is your IRA paying would probably rank in the top five for sure! Or you could phrase it this way – what are your IRA rates these days?  Or even, What’s the best […]

Will You Have Enough Retirement Savings?

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Have you noticed the vast number of websites and magazines talk about the outrageous amounts of retirement savings you’ll need in order to retire in the lifestyle you want? They make saving for retirement  such a lofty goal that it’s less than motivating! Saving millions of dollars when some of us are barely getting by seems like a […]

4 Factors to Consider Before Doing a Roth IRA Conversion


So we are about halfway through 2010!  Hard to believe isn’t it? Although some of the buzz has seemingly died down about the year of the Roth IRA Conversion, there is still some controversy regarding whether folks should convert their Traditional IRAs to a Roth. For those of you wondering what exactly is a Roth IRA,  Well, here are the […]

What Should You Do With Your 401k Plan When You Leave Your Job?


“Mr. Jones, we appreciate your work for us, but unfortunately there’s just not enough room in our budget for you. Here’s a packet of information regarding your retirement account.  Please look this over and have a decision made about your 401k plan by the 31st.” Ever hear these words? Maybe your company didn’t sound as nice, […]

Are You Properly Dealing With These 5 Risks to Your Retirement Savings?

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Risk is defined as the probability of loss or injury. It generally weighs the downside potential of a particular investment or opportunity. In regards to your retirement savings, there are several risks to consider. Let’s take a look at five risks that could jeopardize your retirement savings: Investment Risk Most folks have their retirement savings […]