Are You Holding a Retirement Time Bomb?

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401ks have been around for years and have been an ever increasingly popular way to save money for retirement. More and more businesses run some type of deferred contribution plan and they are a great way to attract and retain key employees. 401ks are great from an employee standpoint because they are relatively quick to […]

Why You’re Off Track for Your Retirement (And What to Do About It)


Perhaps you’re sitting there scratching your head, wondering what happened to your plans! Whatever grand allusions you had for retirement – whether it was spending more time with family, more time volunteering or simply more time seeing the wonders of the world  – maybe you find yourself thinking “I may never be able to retire.” Here are […]

Is Retirement Biblical? (Part 2)


In part 1 we looked at the retirement that is mentioned in the Bible and also the idea of rest that the Bible is flooded with. Now let’s look at retirement defined and re-defined. Definition of Retirement Merriam Webster defines retirement as: withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from active working life. Unfortunately many people often think […]

Is Retirement Biblical? (Part 1)


  Should Christians pursue retirement as one of their major goals – or in doing so, are they pursuing something that is in complete contrast to what God has purposed for them? I think this is a good question to ask, and one that I’ve often wrestled with. As Americans, we generally want to work for […]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall in Love With Your 401k!


There’s no question that 401k’s have become the norm for retirement savings.  More and more companies are putting the responsibility of saving for retirement on the employee and have gotten rid of traditional pension plans. 401k Popularity According to a 2007 Hewitt & Associates survey, 64 percent of plan sponsors said they use a 401k for their […]

5 Dumb Mistakes That Smart People Make


Wouldn’t you agree it doesn’t take an Ivy League education to be good with your finances? What’s amazing to me is that many smart people make some really dumb financial mistakes! It seems like a person blessed with “brains” would be good with personal money management, but sometimes this just isn’t the case. I’ve talked […]

7 Tips to Achieve Retirement Success

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Success! Wikipedia defines it as: The achievement of an objective or a goal. When it comes to saving for retirement many of us naturally want to achieve our goals.  The fact is, for most of us retirement is a marathon race and not a sprint so it’s important to have some ideas in mind to keep you on […]

5 Ways to Win the Race to Retirement


    Runners, take your marks! Your heart pounds as you anxiously await the starting gun. With your fingers touching the ground, you get your legs in position ready to spring out of the gate. You’re ready for the race of your life. You hear the sound of the gun and get a good jump! Your […]

Do You Make These 4 Common 401k Mistakes?

Personal Finance

We all make mistakes – some of them are just more costly than others. When it comes to our retirement savings there’s a host of mistakes that could cost you. Because companies are shifting the responsibility of retirement on the employees, it’s vital to correct any of these mistakes as quickly as you can. 1. Bad […]

7 Milestone Birthdays That Affect Your Retirement


Being unaware of these milestones will cost you money!

Who Can You Count on For Retirement?

Retirement Planning

The government, your employer or yourself? Who do you count on for your retirement?

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

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One of the biggest questions most people have is how much will I need in order to retire? Maybe less than you think. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started.