Donation as Tax Deduction can Result in Big Savings


Your spring cleaning activities may result in major tax deductions that have the ability to result in big savings. Now that spring has officially sprung, individuals everywhere are opening up their windows in order to let that fresh, sweet-smelling air into their homes. Immediately after opening up those windows, you should start opening up your […]

Advantages of Your Charitable Giving In 2015


Tax Deductions Advantages of Your Charitable Giving in 2015 If you are one of the many individuals that elect to show your generosity throughout the year by donating your time, money, and other resources to people, businesses, and organizations, it is imperative that you become familiar with the tax deductions advantages associated with your charitable […]

Tax Filing Magic: Six Simple Money Saving Steps

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It’s tax time again, and you’re scrambling for deductions. Yeah, you’re a little slow on the uptake, and you really should have done a lot of tax planning earlier in the year. But, it is what it is. The best thing you can do now is start planning for next year. The second-best thing you […]

IRS Gives Delinquent Taxpayers a Fresh Start


As tax day rapidly approaches, countless Americans are scrambling to determine how much they may have to pay and what deductions may be available to them. This can be a particularly troublesome period for those who are delinquent on their taxes. However, these individuals now have a chance to deal with the issue of unpaid […]

2013 Roth IRA Contribution Limits Explained


If you plan on making contributions to your Roth IRA or opening a Roth IRA account, you will need to know about updated 2013 Roth IRA contribution limits and income limits. Failing to know about these limits can lead to unexpected taxes and possibly penalties when you attempt to withdraw money from the account. Many […]

What to do if you Forget to Sign your Tax Return

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This is so a mistake that I would make!  With tax deadlines coming up, there will probably be thousands of Americans who forget to sign their tax documents.  Although the majority of people e-file these days, there is still a significant chunk who still file through good ole fashioned paper. So what happens if you […]

5 Wise Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

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Let’s be honest, we all enjoy tax refunds.  The oh so sweet check in the mail that makes us all smile.  While there is much debate on whether or not getting a tax refund is a good thing, I want to discuss various ways you can be wise with this new money. Instead of wasting […]

IRS Phone Number Chart For Tax Help

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Did you know that you could contact the IRS directly if you had questions on filing your taxes.  The IRS phone number listing below will be a real help if you’re have tax issues that you need help resolving. Just like any call center, you’ll need to have all your information at hand before you […]

Donate Your Car For A Serious Tax Break!

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You’ve had your car for years now and it’s time to sell her.  What do you do?  Most likely, you would probably set up an ad on Craig’s List and try to sell it to a private buyer.  Let’s say that the first buyer is not impressed and you post your ad again.  The second […]

4 FREE STATE Income Tax Filing Online Tools

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When it comes to filing your taxes, you have all sorts of options for filing a free federal tax return, many places will charge to file a state tax return.   It IS possible to find online resources for free state income filing, but it can be challenging to sort through all the options.  This guide […]

2012 Tax Tips: 4 Tips to for a Fast Refund


It’s that time of year again.  The tax season is well on its way it’s not slowing down for anyone.  While most Americans wait till the last minute to file their taxes, we hope that you don’t follow suit.  If you’re getting a refund or you have a child in college, you’ll want to file […]

5 Money Myths About Housing And Taxes That Can Cost You Big!

Money Myths

Many of us grow up hearing various sayings about money. Some of them are passed down as wise quotes, while others may be pieces of advice given to us by by someone trying to help us out. A small number of these things turn out to be good, sound advice; however, the majority of them […]