5 Budget Hacks to Change your Attitude Towards Money

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Sometimes, if you really want to make a difference to your financial status, the first thing you need to do is alter your attitude towards money and budgeting. The relationship that we have with money these days can be difficult, particularly when it seems like we’re never earning as much as we need. However, if […]

How to Create a Generous Budget

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You’re out to eat for a nice meal and you strike up a conversation with the server.  You come to find out she’s a single mom, works two jobs to make ends meet, and is going to school to get ahead. Your heart goes out to her, but what do you do? You’d love to help, […]

This Week in Personal Finance – February 26, 2010

Personal Finance

So we’re taking a break from our 10 day journey to save $10,000 to have a look at some interesting items from around the web. If you missed the initial post on the 10 Money-Saving Tips to Help You Stash $10,000, I highly encourage you check that out and join us as we resume next […]

5 Mistakes People Make With Their Credit Cards


Your debt may be costing you more than you realize especially if you are making these 5 mistakes. Paying off your debt is a battle you can win by bypassing these blunders:

How to Make a Budget


Few things can make people’s skin crawl like the idea of creating budgets. If you are unsure where your money goes each month or wonder why you never seem to get ahead, a budget might be a good tool for you. Budgets conjur up feelings of kissing your freedom and your fun goodbye, and some people […]