An Investor’s Guide to UK Cities for Rental Returns


Liverpool Over the past couple of years there has been a rising number of property investors that are choosing Liverpool. Increasing student numbers, a thriving economy and a diverse range of regeneration schemes have secured the city as one of the most best cities in the UK to achieve high rental returns. Liverpool’s population is […]

10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy


Most business owners would agree that the most important part of their business are their customers. After all, without them, you wouldn’t be in business. In today’s technology-driven world, figuring out a way to reach those customers who are always connected may be challenging for you. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. While traditional […]

Insurance for Small Business Owners


When you start a new business, you may realize that your company’s finances are difference from your personal budget. There are a number of things to learn new when it comes to dealing with the running of your business and its finances, and this is true of insurance. Many small business owners may feel that […]

General Liability Insurance Will Assure Your Business is Protected


As a small business owner you must be highly aware of the importance of general liability insurance. General liability insurance is something that cannot be passed over, period. There are far too many uncertainties that can hinder your business significantly. No matter how many precautions have been taken or how much you’ve planned ahead, accidents still […]

Research to Stay Ahead of The Game

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Most people who go into the world of small business rely on solid research to determine their success. Reliable information about potential investors, competitors, partners and suppliers can make the difference between a well-executed strategy based on intelligence and a perilous, luck-reliant path. Here are three essential areas where company directors can focus their research […]

How to Buy General Liability Insurance

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General liability insurance is often necessary for a small company. This type of insurance coverage assists in protecting the owners and the business assets. A liability insurance policy covers business liabilities that may otherwise be directed at the company owners and employees. General liability insurance says that the company is protected against any third party […]

Types of Business Insurance You Will Need To Consider


This article was written by AXA Insurance, get your business covered today! If you are thinking about starting a new business, there are a range of factors to consider to ensure that you provide yourself with the best chances of success. In addition to the product or service that you have decided to offer, you […]

How to Save Money and Make Money on Amazon

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If you like to shop, you can find nearly anything and everything on Amazon— with its enormous selection of items to choose from and its easy-to-use checkout, it’s no surprise that it has gained a huge following of loyal customers. Not only is Amazon a convenient place to shop online, it also is a great […]

7 Secrets to Having Success at Work According to Steve Jobs

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I found this great article on Steve Jobs’ secrets to success at work. Success at work is defined in various ways for sure.  In my mind it’s not just about profit, success at work depends on how much you impact the lives of others. If you could point to any CEO over the last century […]

8 Simple Ways to Make Money With Your Car

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Did you know a simple way to make money might be sitting right in your driveway? That’s right! Your vehicle can be a simple way to make money when you are feeling a bit strapped. Not only will these jobs assist in paying monthly car expenses, including insurance, but your car can also help make additional […]