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You Can Save Money on Home and Car Insurance


You’re no different than anyone else. You want to save money. Period. On anything you can. Others will tell you how to save on decorating or television services or even buying groceries. But there also are ways to save on auto and home insurance without scrimping on coverage. That means if you do have trouble, […]

How Much Is Car Insurance?

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Since people do not always have a choice as to whether or not they will purchase auto insurance, they want to know one thing before they have to seek the policy: How much is car insurance? The answer to this question can be as much as $1,600 just for a six-month policy! The good news […]

What Is The Average Cost Of Car Insurance


Every state except New Hampshire requires a person to show proof of auto insurance coverage before they are allowed to register a motor vehicle. The legal requirements differ from state to state, and so does the cost for coverage. Still, you’ve got to have it in order to be within the requirements of the law […]

Why Insurance Is a Necessary Part of Your Financial Security Plan

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Many people think of financial security as having a lot of money. This isn’t necessarily true. As is the case with devastating health conditions, money in the bank can go quickly when expenses get out of hand. Or consider the case of trying to save money by buying cheaper insurance than one may need.  When extensive damage […]