How to Alter Your Finances by Becoming a Change Agent

Personal Finance

A whole presidential campaign was built on it;  organizations are constantly undergoing it; and many people want and need it. In a word, it’s change. It’s easy to talk about and desire, but why is it so difficult to change our finances?  Why Change Is Hard? At the core of our being most of us realize  […]

Welcome to Redeeming Riches!

True Wealth

Welcome to Redeeming Riches! I hope you take some time to look through the site.  Be sure to check out some of my featured posts located in the carousel on the front page. Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition I’m excited about the transformation that Redeeming Riches has undergone.  This has been a collaborative effort with Joe Porter […]

How to Change Your Bad Money Habits


If we were being honest, most of us would have to admit there are ways we handle and relate to our money that need to be changed.  Maybe you continually spend more than you earn, or you can’t get out of credit card debt because eventually you use them again to buy something you don’t really […]