The Paradox of Money and Satisfaction

True Wealth

I usually spend weekend posts looking at key money passages in the Bible.  I’ve found that I spend a lot of time in the New Testament. This weekend we jump to the Old Testament for our money passage. Ecclesiastes is a famous book that takes a look at life with pessimism, optimism, paradoxes and hammers home the […]

5 Money Lessons to Learn Early On


  If you haven’t yet, consider staying current with Redeeming Riches by receiving my posts FREE through email or RSS Feeds here.  Also, follow me on Twitter here.   If I knew then what I know now – surely I would’ve done things differently! Every hear those words before? Every say them!? I catch myself saying them […]

The Jewel of Contentment

True Wealth

I read some interesting posts and comments on a couple financial blogs this week that mentioned contentment as a starting point to help get out of debt and avoid being a slave to your money.  Not all of these comments were from a Christian worldview, but I thought it was interesting that this was brought up because the Bible […]

Friday Finance Round Up – July 24, 2009

Round Ups

This week’s articles include topics on financial checklists for parents, how to give when you don’t have extra money, letting contentment be a guiding principle for your finances, protecting your Facebook identity online and an extreme case of frugality – the guy who lives with no money.

Avoiding Financial Hell (Part 1)

True Wealth

A few months ago I was asked to speak about the topic of money at a workshop for the Young Adults group at my church.  I taught through 1 Timothy 6:6-20 and made the point that what you do with your money or desire to do with it has the power to send you to […]