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6 Tips for Wise Credit Card Usage

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With all the credit card debt out there, it seems like it would be helpful to define what appropriate credit card usage is. This begins with a preliminary observation. That is simply this – credit card usage is a choice. Thus, if you’ve proven to yourself that you can’t use them appropriately, then you’re better […]

10 Credit Card Traps Just Waiting to Trip You Up!

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A recent article on Yahoo Finance referenced 7 credit card traps to watch out for.  It was a good article outlining a few of the traps out there with credit cards. Personally, I find credit cards to be extremely helpful as a business owner, and in our personal finances, but that comes only after a toilet-cleaning campaign […]

Getting Dirty to Destroy Your Debt – One Toilet at a Time!

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It was already hot and sunny. Even though it was only 9 a.m., August summer mornings in the Chicagoland area can be quite muggy! After breakfast with a buddy, I headed to the campus. I was excited for my first day of college. I walked into the student center, and the halls were buzzing with excitement. Tables were lined up […]

4 Steps to Living Frugally with Excessive Credit Card Debt

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Excessive credit card debt is the bane of credit card users in America. Revolving credit is easy to get, and tough to get out of.   Unfortunately, our credit card debt was well in excess of the average, and we needed credit card help. It came to the point where the minimum was all we could pay […]

Should You File for Credit Card Bankruptcy

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Filing for bankrupcty can sometimesbe the best bet for someone with unpayable credit card balances. A credit card bankruptcy can lower monthly expenses, stop interest from accruing, and give you time to restructure your debt without fear of legal repercussions. The credit card bankruptcy process can give financial relief, but does come at the expense […]

Credit Card Rewards Duel: Knight Rewards vs Challenger Avoid

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It is an epic battle, one waged since the dawn of time…well not quite that long, but the battle between credit card rewards and credit card debt is one which polarizes people the world over. But today we end it with a duel – en guard! The Strengths of Knight Reward Knight Reward is often accused […]

3 Simple Rules for Curbing Your Credit Card Use

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Many times the simple things have a way of sticking with us and helping change our patterns of behavior better than a list of 25 items we need to remember to do on a regular basis.  If you’re struggling with credit card problems and stopping the use of your credit cards – you could set fire […]