Dave Ramsey

Should Religion Play a Role In Your Money Decisions?

True Wealth

Adam Baker, a fellow Personal Finance Blogger over at Man vs. Debt had a great post a while back about his issue with Dave Ramsey throwing in religious talk at the end of his radio programs. In his video blog, Adam asked this question: Is Christianity the Only Path to ‘True’ Financial Peace? Baker is admittedly not a Christian, […]

If You Want to Get Ahead, Stop Taking This Path!


What’s the difference between those who get ahead financially and those who don’t? One avoids this path and the other doesn’t.

How to Set Up a Financial Safety Net


Financial difficulties like recessions, job layoffs or reduced salaries have a way of revealing how important it is to build a financial safety net. Having funds available for emergencies helps weather the inevitable storms of life and can get you through some difficult circumstances without incurring credit card debt. Here are some things to consider when establishing […]