Use Debt to your Advantage


Debt is deemed to us as ‘a bad thing.’ However, when we use debt correctly it can be a driving force in getting a home or a new car. Having debt is not all bad, and here are some useful ways we can use debt to our advantage. Debt Management An expert in debt management […]

The Federal Reserve and Quantitative Easing

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Now US elections are out of the way, time for FX traders to focus on the most powerful man in America right now: prof. Ben Bernanke. As head of the US Federal Reserve he is the real master of the markets since his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, left the institution in 2006. Fed policy is what […]

Should You Work With a Debt Settlement Company?

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If you’re facing overwhelming debt, turning to a debt settlement company may seem like an easy way out. Their ads often promise to settle your debt for less than you owe by negotiating with your creditors.[1] In reality, these companies often do their customers more harm than good. Understanding the basics of how debt settlement […]

How To Make Money with CFDs

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You might like the idea of trading on the financial markets, but you don’t want to actually have to buy and sell stocks, shares or currency. Fortunately, there are other alternatives that are just as profitable. One of these is the CFD. A contract for difference is a contract whereby a buyer and seller agree […]

Understanding The Costs of Care Helps You Plan Your Parent’s Future


We understand the importance of saving for a rainy day. How about saving for those days that include not only rain, but a tornado, hurricane and earthquake? When caregiving for an aging parent begins, it can feel like your world has become one natural disaster after another. A parent requires care after a debilitating stroke […]

3 Ways to Make Your Financial Ideas Happen

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I just read an excellent book called Making Ideas Happen. Author Scott Belsky, who started the Behance Network, puts years of research into book form on why people with great ideas rarely act upon them. One of the simplest, yet most profound things that Belsky says is that “If you want to make ideas happen, […]

4 Financial Strategies to Implement Now

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What you are about to hear is nothing new. Sometimes hearing nothing new is good though.  After all, it takes quite a few times to hear something before it “sticks”. So don’t be so quick to brush this advice off as old news.  I recommend we seriously consider if we are applying these strategies.  If […]

The #1 Money Myth You (Probably) Fall For – And How to Overcome It

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Money myths are all around us. From “Smart people are wealthier” to “Giving money away will hinder you financially” to “Buy term and invest the rest“.  Money myths have a way of making their way into society and becoming socially accepted beliefs without an understanding of the truth. But there is one money myth that […]

8 Financial Myths to Discuss with Your Kids

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Kids and Money Teaching kids about money can be a tough task to tackle. Learning about budgeting, financial planning, saving money and generally maximizing your dollar is a lot of information to digest. What’s even more complicating is dispelling money myths that could end up confusing your little penny pinchers on their road to financial […]

The #1 Thing You Should Do With Your Money (And Probably Don’t)

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If you’re into reading personal finance books, sites or blogs you will be inundated with free financial advice telling you to do all sorts of things. Most of these tips are very solid independent financial advice from people who care! What I love about the web is that you can find free financial advice on […]