Getting Ahead Financially

Why Making More Money Is Not the Answer to Your Financial Problems

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Are you in debt? Things a little tight right now? Have your savings dwindled? You just need to make more money, right!? Get Below the Surface If you could just make a little more money, everything would be OK. That may be true on the surface. You might need a few hundred bucks extra per month to […]

5 Reasons Why Some People Never Get Ahead Financially (And Others Do)

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Meet John.  John’s a nice guy, has a stable job and is making a good income. He’s got a good marriage, has two kids and a dog.  He drives a newer car, lives in a nice neighborhood and plays golf a couple times per week. From the outside, it looks like John is living the […]

5 Money Lessons to Learn Early On


  If you haven’t yet, consider staying current with Redeeming Riches by receiving my posts FREE through email or RSS Feeds here.  Also, follow me on Twitter here.   If I knew then what I know now – surely I would’ve done things differently! Every hear those words before? Every say them!? I catch myself saying them […]

The ONE Thing You Must Do to Reach Your Financial Goals

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This one thing is the difference between your success or failure when it comes to reaching your goals.

If You Want to Get Ahead, Stop Taking This Path!


What’s the difference between those who get ahead financially and those who don’t? One avoids this path and the other doesn’t.