Giving to the Poor

Are These 3 Objections Keeping You From Giving to the Poor?

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I came across this post regarding objections to giving to the poor. Giving to the poor always seems to be one of those sticky issues that polarize, but that needn’t be the case. Giving, especially to the poor, when rightly filtered through the lens of the Gospel, is a great way to glorify God and […]

What Jonathan Edwards Teaches Us About Giving to the Poor (Part 2)

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A couple weeks ago we started looking at the teaching of Jonathan Edwards on money and giving to the poor.  In part 1 we saw Edwards’ challenge to think more deeply about the poor and how our giving could be done more: Generously Cheerfully, and Dutifully For a man who lived nearly three centuries ago, he offers some great insight […]

What Jonathan Edwards Teaches Us About Giving to the Poor (Part 1)

True Wealth

Jonathan Edwards is perhaps the greatest American preacher to have ever lived.  It’s hard to find someone more often quoted, referenced, and revered in American church history than Edwards. Most famous for his, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” sermon, Edwards had a deep compassion for the poor. Though he lived nearly 300 […]

5 Reasons Why You’re (Probably) Not as Generous as You Should Be!

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I’m constantly struck by how many times the Bible mentions  helping the poor and needy! What kills me is that I read that and think to myself, why is it that I’m not as concerned as I should be when it comes to helping the poor, weak and marginalized members of society? If God has such a huge heart […]

Should You Wait to Give Until You Have Enough Money?

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Maybe you’ve asked this question before: “Should I give money even though I am in debt” – or maybe phrased this way – “Should I give money even though I don’t have much to give?” Usually this question can be turned into an objection for giving – such as, “I just don’t have any money […]