Your Guide to Personal Wealth, Happiness & Debt

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You don’t have to be a millionaire to be happy with your finances. Being content with your personal wealth is as much about being in control of your money as the actual amount you have in your account: having a comfortable, well-managed budget, spending wisely, and keeping on top of any debts you may have. […]

How To Find Joy

True Wealth
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A little passage in Psalms struck me this morning and I thought I’d share the wisdom to get us thinking this week. It seems that all of us are searching for meaning, happiness, purpose, or something more in this life to satisfy our souls. Whether we admit it or not, deep in our hearts is a […]

Finding Happiness: How You Can Own More by Owning Less

Personal Finance

Life is funny isn’t it?  All through school we’re told to get good grades so that we can get into college. Once we get into college we are told to get good grades so we can get a good job. Once we get a good job, we work a ton of hours so that we can move […]

This Week in Personal Finance – January 22, 2010

Personal Finance

What a week.  We closed on our house last week and are still living with many unpacked boxes – but that’s OK, it’s just great to be in and sleeping there! It’s been hard to post this past week since I didn’t plan ahead and have my internet hooked the day we moved in – […]

What Makes People Happy?


Wouldn’t you agree that happiness can be elusive? I mean, doesn’t it seem like it’s what we all strive for and yet many of us never find it. It’s like the tighter you try to grab hold of it, the more we choke it to death and never receive it. The more you run after it, the […]

Wealth and Happiness

True Wealth

These two terms belong together don’t they – Wealth and Happiness?  Do you remember a time in your life where you weren’t making much money?  You probably weren’t very happy. Maybe it was during college, or when you first started a business – perhaps it’s now and you’ve lost your job recently.  One thing that often […]

Warning: TV May Be Ruining Your Financial Health!


  If you haven’t yet, consider staying current with Redeeming Riches by receiving my posts FREE through email or RSS Feeds here.  Also, follow me on Twitter here.   Find out what people want and give it to them! This is a well known phrase used in marketing and advertising.  It says that you get people […]

The Fruit of Faithful Finances


Are comfort, stability and security that comes from becoming debt free bad things? Maybe it depends on what you do with the money. Find out the real fruit of faithful finances.