3 Tips to Help Make Extra Money

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The Great Recession has had a big effect on many people. Job losses, investment losses, and housing losses (through foreclosures), have forced many folks to look for as many ways to save money as possible. It’s also forced them to look for ways to make extra money too! Although times are tough, this also has […]

Your Text Can Help Fight Hunger!

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The other day I stopped off at the grocery store to stock up on snacks for the big football game – Bears vs. Packers. I’m a die-hard Bears fan, and the Packers are the arch enemy!  Every game against them is big!  The result was less than stellar for my team, but there was still […]

How Social Media Can Save Your Finances

Personal Finance
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Recently we wrote about how social media can ruin your finances.  But, what about the flip side?. Can we use social media for financial help?  Can it really help us save money, become more frugal, and help us be more successful with our finances? There are plenty of ways that we can use social media to help […]

Who Should Take the Lead in Helping the Poor?

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It would be a very rare thing to find a Christian that does not think that we should help the poor. However, there are many different opinions amongst Christians about whose responsibility it is to help the poor. Yes, all Christians have a responsibility to be compassionate, caring, and always ready to help those in […]

How to Help in Haiti

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Many of us are still processing the devastating news heard last week about the earthquake in Haiti and the hundreds of thousands of lives it has affected. It’s hard for me to imagine going through something like that. This past weekend, as I was getting the final details of our new house squared away, getting […]