Insurance for Small Business Owners


When you start a new business, you may realize that your company’s finances are difference from your personal budget. There are a number of things to learn new when it comes to dealing with the running of your business and its finances, and this is true of insurance. Many small business owners may feel that […]

7 Key Factors to Keep In Mind during Insurance Form Filling


Whether you’re insuring your life, your home, your car, or your business, there are things you should keep in mind during the filing process. There are many nuances to different insurance contracts and some are so complex that finding a broker is almost always a good idea. Read on to learn about the ten most […]

General Liability Insurance Will Assure Your Business is Protected


As a small business owner you must be highly aware of the importance of general liability insurance. General liability insurance is something that cannot be passed over, period. There are far too many uncertainties that can hinder your business significantly. No matter how many precautions have been taken or how much you’ve planned ahead, accidents still […]

What is Mortgage Insurance?


Mortgage insurance, unlike many other products in this market, has a fairly straightforward name.  For most people, the mortgage payment is the most significant monthly outgoing.  While all regular bills require payment if legal action is to be avoided, the mortgage also carries the extra weight of facilitating one of the three basics of survival, […]

Types of Business Insurance You Will Need To Consider


This article was written by AXA Insurance, get your business covered today! If you are thinking about starting a new business, there are a range of factors to consider to ensure that you provide yourself with the best chances of success. In addition to the product or service that you have decided to offer, you […]

Are Life Insurance Proceeds Always Tax Free?


Life insurance can be a great idea for when you want to make sure your family will be protected in the case of accidental or untimely death. However, it is important to be aware of whether or not your loved ones will be penalized tax-wise when accepting the proceeds of your insurance benefits. Most life […]

How to Avoid Paying PMI


Private mortgage insurance or PMI is an insurance policy issued by private insurance companies for the benefit of the lender. If the borrower’s home goes into a foreclosure and selling the home cannot recuperate the loan’s outstanding balance, the private insurance company that issued the PMI will recompense the lending company with the difference. Typically, […]

Understanding The Costs of Care Helps You Plan Your Parent’s Future


We understand the importance of saving for a rainy day. How about saving for those days that include not only rain, but a tornado, hurricane and earthquake? When caregiving for an aging parent begins, it can feel like your world has become one natural disaster after another. A parent requires care after a debilitating stroke […]

Facts And Facets About Whole Life Insurance


Whole life insurance covers the whole life of the policy holder. There is no fixed date for the last premium. When the policy holder dies the total value of the policy which is called as death benefit, is handed over to the person or persons named in the whole life insurance policy. Whole life insurance […]

Does Buying Homeowner’s Insurance Mean You Don’t Trust God?

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When you move into your own place, you move all your worldly goods and, most precious to your heart, your family into it. Do you want to protect it? Of course you do. Home insurance comparison sitesprofess that home insurance is absolutely essential, but just how essential is it? In the modern world, we’re faced […]

8 Simple Ways to Make Money With Your Car

Personal Finance
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Did you know a simple way to make money might be sitting right in your driveway? That’s right! Your vehicle can be a simple way to make money when you are feeling a bit strapped. Not only will these jobs assist in paying monthly car expenses, including insurance, but your car can also help make additional […]

5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Insurance

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There are a number of ways to save money on insurance rates. This list grows even more when you consider the specific ways to save on various types of insurance (auto, health, home, life, etc). Today, we will take a look at 5 general ways that you can save money on insurance coverage. 1. Shop […]