The Benefits of Forex Trading


In recent years, trading has become increasingly more advanced, and as such, anyone with an internet connection can now start trading.  If you’re thinking about trading, the first question you need to ask yourself is the type of market you would like to trade in. The commodities market continues to have a significant economic impact […]

Can You Really Make Money Through Trading Online?


With the internet making virtually any aspect of life accessible without leaving the home, more people are turning to online investment strategies for their long-term financial planning. All too often, first-time investors dive into the stock market or other financial situations without an innate understanding of how things work. There are many online accounts of […]

Can Spread Betting be Used for Wealth Growth?


Spread betting has been featured in many news articles and financial trading reviews during the past few years. In truth, the opinions are generally varied in terms of how effective this method is in terms of a trading strategy. Some believe that spread betting is a dangerous practice which should be avoided altogether while others […]

How To Get Started With Trading Online


Would you like to get started with trading online? If you would, it’s actually very easy to accomplish if you know what to do. You will need a little bit of working capital, perhaps a few thousand dollars, allowing you to open up an account with one of the online trading companies. Once this is […]

First Steps To Investing In Gold

Estate Planning

Whether you are new to precious metals investing or you already have invested in gold, silver, platinum or palladium, a review of basic tips can’t hurt to ensure you are making the right move for your financial goals and future. We put together this simple guide to help you through the first steps of investing […]

Will the Fiscal Cliff Reduce Mortgage Rates?


No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, everyone can agree that it’s nice to have the elections behind us. No one likes uncertainty, least of all investors — and that means homebuyers as well. That said, there’s a new question looming in all of our heads at this point — what’s going to […]

Spread Betting and Conventional Share Trading Compared


Spread betting is illegal in all but four of the United States, but moves are afoot to neuter the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1993 that prevents it, so this might change. Spread betting with such a service as Cantor financial betting and conventional share trading are two ways to make money from the […]

How Much Student Loan Debt To Take On


Ideally, none, but let’s be serious. In 2012 and beyond, just about everyone will have student debt…it’s only a matter of how much. Half of all graduating students now have student debt, according to the College Board. Your total student debt should not surpass what you expect to earn your first year out of college. […]

Save on Entertainment Costs and Play Free Online Games


Taking care of your cash and not getting into debt is an important topic these days and with a little thought and organisation you can arrange your budget to ensure you do not fall into the debt trap. We understand the necessity of saving for a rainy day and not incurring debt and would suggest […]

5 Money Myths About Investing And Money

Personal Finance
Money Myths

In our last article, we talked about 5 money myths about housing and taxes. That was based on an article posted by Investopedia, which discussed various money myths that can end up being costly. Today, we will talk about misconceptions surrounding investing and money. 5 Money Myths About Investing And Money I Don’t Have Enough […]

Is There A Difference Between Investing And Gambling?

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Is investing in stocks nothing more than just gambling? Are people who toss their money into the stock market no better off than those who take frequent trips down to Las Vegas in order to “strike it rich”? Have those who seem to know how to invest successfully, just had a string of “good luck”?  […]

What Is a Mutual Fund?

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Mutual Funds are no longer an arcane investment tool, but have gained enormous popularity over the past several decades. As the common investment vehicle used in most employer 401K benefit plans, mutual funds are the investment vehicle of choice by over 80 million Americans, constituting over 50% of available households. Although the origin of mutual […]