How to Invest Successfully Like Warren Buffett

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The investing principle known as “invest in what you know” was made popular by investing giant, Peter Lynch. His idea was that even if you are not a professional investor, or someone trained in finance, you can still make wise choices in the stock market. The way that you overcome this lack of training is […]

This Week in Personal Finance – Sometimes It’s Just Not Your Day

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Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to go your way? We probably all have.  When I saw this video, I felt so bad for this guy – but sometimes it’s just not your day! By the way, don’t forget to become a regular reader of Redeeming Riches by signing up for […]

What’s Wrong With The Modern Personal Investing World


If you designed the world of personal investing from the ground up, you’d have a very different experience than what we have now. Modern personal investing came long after what I would call “institutional investing” and “broker-only investing”. When it came time to offer investing to the common man, the investment firms of the day […]

Christian Finance – A Blueprint For Getting Your Financial House in Order

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This was an original post I did over at ChristianPF – you can check it out in its entirety there. My wife and I recently built a new home and moved in a few months ago.  It feels good to be done with the process! There are some good financial lessons to be learned from building […]

Enjoy Your Money! Book Review

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Enjoy Your Money!  How to Make It, Save  It, Invest It and Give It by J. Steve Miller April is Financial Literacy Month and graduation season will soon be in full swing. If you’re looking for gifts for grads that will be a valuable resource for them for years to come then you  may want […]

This Week in Personal Finance – February 12, 2010

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It’s been a great week!  My first post as a writer went up on Christian PF (see link below).  I’m excited about the opportunity to write for a great site like that. The markets have been a little crazy this week and there still a lot of talk about our national debt.  The best thing […]

Friday Finance Round Up – October 9, 2009

Round Ups

This Round Up includes posts on what the Government’s credit score would look like if we could measure it, investing rules of thumb and attributes of the perpetually broke!