Why You Have a Hard Time Sharing Your Wealth And How To Overcome It!

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If you were really honest with yourself right now, wouldn’t you admit that oftentimes it’s hard to share!?  C’mon, it’s not easy to give things to others without strings attached or to let people borrow items without being worried about getting it back in one piece or getting it back period. You know why I know […]

Weekend Edition – Jesus, Zacchaeus & Money

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“Zacchaeus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he…” Those of you who grew up going to Sunday School will remember the cute little children’s song about Zacchaeus – the short little rich dude in the Bible who climbed a tree to see Jesus. What the song doesn’t tell us is […]

Warning: TV May Be Ruining Your Financial Health!


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Miracle of Adoption

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This is a special weekend for us as we celebrate our daughter’s Adoption Day!

The Rich Young Man

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What are you relying on to inherit eternal life? Are you like the Rich Young Man?

What Would You Do If MasterCard Called And Canceled Your Debt?

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I always get a kick out of watching kids use their imagination to play games.  My two-year old daughter is just getting to this pretending stage. Her new thing is to act like she’s sleeping when in the car and “wake up” and yell “Boo!” to scare us.  She gets a great laugh out of it every time and so do […]