5 Money-Saving Tips to Reduce Your Mortgage

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Saving money on your mortgage is possible. With just the right mindset and some professional pieces of advice, you may be able to save up in your home loan interest even when you least expect it. Paying off home loans can be absolutely stressful, especially when you think of the money you will be shelling […]

Financing Foundations: What Type of Mortgage Loan is Right for You?


Fixed, variable, interest-only. What type of loan should you get? There are so many choices out there in the marketplace. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Most lenders will tell you exactly what they sell, but it’s the real estate agent that is probably going to be your best friend when it comes […]

Will the Fiscal Cliff Reduce Mortgage Rates?


No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, everyone can agree that it’s nice to have the elections behind us. No one likes uncertainty, least of all investors — and that means homebuyers as well. That said, there’s a new question looming in all of our heads at this point — what’s going to […]

Saving Tips When Saving For A Mortgage

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Purchasing a home is one of the largest milestones that many could make in their life. Having the money for down payment, closing costs and other incidentals can seem daunting when looking at the total amount of money. With a few tips and tricks, saving for a home purchase can be done. With patience and […]

What is Mortgage Insurance?


Mortgage insurance, unlike many other products in this market, has a fairly straightforward name.  For most people, the mortgage payment is the most significant monthly outgoing.  While all regular bills require payment if legal action is to be avoided, the mortgage also carries the extra weight of facilitating one of the three basics of survival, […]

How to Avoid Paying PMI


Private mortgage insurance or PMI is an insurance policy issued by private insurance companies for the benefit of the lender. If the borrower’s home goes into a foreclosure and selling the home cannot recuperate the loan’s outstanding balance, the private insurance company that issued the PMI will recompense the lending company with the difference. Typically, […]

A Helpful Mortgage Refinance Calculator

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Should I Refinance My Mortgage? That’s the question we want to answer today. Mortgage rates are still very, very low.  Who would’ve ever thought we’d see mortgage rates this low for this period of time. I remember thinking back in August when we first started building our house and mortgage rates were at their lows that […]

This Week in Personal Finance – May 7, 2010

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I’m writing this from sunny, balmy Knoxville, TN! A group of eight of us from church came down to what’s called the Salt and Light conference. The conference is put on by the Compassion Coalition , a non-profit org. that desires to see churches live out Matthew 5:14, which calls believers to be salt and light […]