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Why Credit Cards for Bad Credit are Your Greatest Credit Repair Tools

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If you’re not sure where to begin rebuilding your credit score, consider opening up a credit card for people with bad credit. We know what you’re probably thinking: ‘He’s joking, right?’ Believe it or not, one of the most simple ways you can start the process of repairing your poor credit is by opening a […]

How to Find the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Choosing the best bankruptcy attorney for yourself is like choosing the best medical doctor to treat you for an ailment. Like attorneys, all doctors have to have the basic education and training to qualify for the job. However, not all doctors can listen and communicate well with their patients. Similarly, not all attorneys have the […]

How Much Student Loan Debt To Take On


Ideally, none, but let’s be serious. In 2012 and beyond, just about everyone will have student debt…it’s only a matter of how much. Half of all graduating students now have student debt, according to the College Board. Your total student debt should not surpass what you expect to earn your first year out of college. […]

Protection for Future Finances

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Looking after the family’s finances might not be uppermost in many people’s thoughts, but have you ever wondered how they would cope if you or your partner were to pass away?  One option would be to look into quick online loans.  However there are other ways to protect yourself!   There’s a number of things […]

Best Ways to Save Money on your Mobile Phone Bill

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How much money is your phone costing you? No, really, how much? Many of us simply have it on a direct debit so we never truly appreciate the impact it’s having on our bank balance. So it’s time to get real and get in control of your mobile bill. Are you using what you pay […]

How Best to Approach Your Bank for Start-Up Capital

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Approaching a bank for startup capital can be a very intimidating process. Banks have become very cautious about lending money, and an aspiring business owner will need to know how to approach the bank in a manner that will make them feel comfortable about granting a loan. There are three things that you should do […]

Save on Entertainment Costs and Play Free Online Games


Taking care of your cash and not getting into debt is an important topic these days and with a little thought and organisation you can arrange your budget to ensure you do not fall into the debt trap. We understand the necessity of saving for a rainy day and not incurring debt and would suggest […]

Should Christians Stay Completely Out of Debt?

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This is a sticky subject for Christians—or at least a very gray one—and it opens up a host of uncomfortable questions. In a world that runs on credit, how much should a believer take on? Should we go into debt at all? Is it possible for us to borrow money on a continuous basis and […]

Is It Possible To Give Too Much?

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Can we ever give too much—to church, to charity, to other people? Usually the question goes in the opposite direction—we don’t give enough. I’ll admit that on the surface this question seems almost ridiculous, but it is actually possible to give too much. Also, we have to be careful that we don’t attach subjective numbers […]

5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For A Slow Growth Economy

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Jeremy Grantham, the well-respected Chief Investment Strategist for GMO is calling for a “slow-growth economy” over the next few years. He expects economic growth worldwide to be around 2%.  This has numerous effects on governments and households around the globe. We must be ready to continue on this slow-growth trajectory, and there are certainly some […]

I Can’t Tithe Because I Have No Money

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What is tithing? In its simplest form, tithing means to give a tenth of your income to God. This is usually given to a church, but in some cases it is given to para-church organizations that meet the spiritual needs of the giver.  Tithing is both an act of faith and a response to God’s […]

3 Ways to Make Your Financial Ideas Happen

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I just read an excellent book called Making Ideas Happen. Author Scott Belsky, who started the Behance Network, puts years of research into book form on why people with great ideas rarely act upon them. One of the simplest, yet most profound things that Belsky says is that “If you want to make ideas happen, […]