Pleasing God at Work

How to Honor God in the Workplace – A Business Owner With Integrity.

True Wealth

Last time, we took a look at what God expects from a manager or supervisor. We also mentioned that there were two kinds (or responsibilities) of “employers” discussed in scripture. The second type of employer that the bible focuses on is the business owner. In some small companies, this can be the same as the […]

How to Honor God in the Workplace – A Command for Managers

True Wealth

Last week we looked at 6 practical ways that employees could honor the Lord in the workplace. Now let’s turn our attention to the employer. Actually, there are two main types (or roles) of employers that the bible gives specific instruction about. The first would be the supervisor – the person who leads, gives instruction, […]

How to Honor God in the Workplace – Instructions for Workers

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Did you know that when we go to work we have a chance to honor God? The way that we perform our job and interact with our employer says much about our relationship with God. Does God REALLY expect us to obey our boss? We are commanded by God to be obedient to those who […]