Cheap in America: Who Gives More?

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I came across this interesting video on who gives more? Poor, rich, or middle class? Liberal or conservative? Some of the stats might surprise you.

Are These 3 Objections Keeping You From Giving to the Poor?

True Wealth
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I came across this post regarding objections to giving to the poor. Giving to the poor always seems to be one of those sticky issues that polarize, but that needn’t be the case. Giving, especially to the poor, when rightly filtered through the lens of the Gospel, is a great way to glorify God and […]

Who Should Take the Lead in Helping the Poor?

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It would be a very rare thing to find a Christian that does not think that we should help the poor. However, there are many different opinions amongst Christians about whose responsibility it is to help the poor. Yes, all Christians have a responsibility to be compassionate, caring, and always ready to help those in […]

How You Can Control Your Money: The Lesson of the $100 Bill

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A long time ago and in a land far far away… well actually it was 1980 and my wife and I, as newlyweds, just moved to Alaska—this is a true story. I was working for a financially secure and slightly older gentleman who, one day as I was passing by his office, called me in […]

This Week in Personal Finance – January 29, 2010


Another week “in the books”.  I can’t believe it’s almost February already. This was a fun week on R2 – if you didn’t check out my mom’s guest post on marriage you should! Anyways, This Week in Personal Finance takes a look at interesting articles, posts and news from the past week in the personal finance […]

Would You Rather Be Filthy Rich or Extremely Poor?

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Have you ever played the “Would You Rather…” game?  It pits two opposing choices against each other and people go around and decide which one they’d rather have and why. It’s a good ice-breaker and a fun game to hear people’s insights. That’s exactly what I’d like to do this weekend – play the “Would […]

Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Win the Lottery?


Did you ever play that game where you imagined you won the lottery or came into a large sum of money and daydreamed about all the things you would do with it?  I know I have.  I thought about the house I would buy, the car I would drive, the charities I would give to […]