Your 3 Step Survival Guide to the Market Mayhem

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I go on vacation for a week and look what happens! First I apologize for not having any updates last week, but for what it’s worth I did enjoy a nice, Internet-free family vacation at a cottage in Michigan. I managed to rest, which was much-needed and very beneficial for me. I came back to a big […]

Simplify Your Life – Lifestyle Liquidation


How far would you go to get rid of your debt? Would you sell your stuffed baboon? Take a look at one couple’s desperation attempt to pay off their liabilities. What saddened me after watching this video was imagining the sacrifices this couple may have made to acquire their possessions. The fleeting happiness they received […]

Having a Say About Pay

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The Chicago Tribune had a good article in this past weekend’s Business section discussing the topic of shareholders voting on executive compensation levels.  I think this raises an interesting debate and one that will be gaining in popularity as we continue seeing the fallout from this financial crisis.  At the center of the debate is the idea that […]

Total Confidence?

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Does anyone else find this highly ironic?  Many of these GM dealerships are still proudly displaying their Total Confidence banners while the company itself heads down the proverbial road that ends with only one option.   I understand and appreciate that the tagline relates to their protection plan to help those who lose their job during the recession, but […]

Don’t Waste This Recession!

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We have now been in this most recent recession for over 16 months. For many of us, this has been a tough road to walk down. Jobs have been lost, income reduced and lifestyles rearranged. I have experienced this first hand, both personally and in many of my clients lives. But could this recession be […]