Planning to Retire? Avoid Living in These States!

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If you’re getting ready to retire and thinking about where to live, you may want to think twice about which state you choose. Last month, ran an article posted by John Brady detailing the worst states to live in for retirees.  Their weighting system included taking a look at fiscal health, taxation, and climate. So […]

Will You Have Enough Retirement Savings?

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Have you noticed the vast number of websites and magazines talk about the outrageous amounts of retirement savings you’ll need in order to retire in the lifestyle you want? They make saving for retirement  such a lofty goal that it’s less than motivating! Saving millions of dollars when some of us are barely getting by seems like a […]

Why You’re Off Track for Your Retirement (And What to Do About It)


Perhaps you’re sitting there scratching your head, wondering what happened to your plans! Whatever grand allusions you had for retirement – whether it was spending more time with family, more time volunteering or simply more time seeing the wonders of the world  – maybe you find yourself thinking “I may never be able to retire.” Here are […]