Roth IRAs

4 Factors to Consider Before Doing a Roth IRA Conversion


So we are about halfway through 2010!  Hard to believe isn’t it? Although some of the buzz has seemingly died down about the year of the Roth IRA Conversion, there is still some controversy regarding whether folks should convert their Traditional IRAs to a Roth. For those of you wondering what exactly is a Roth IRA,  Well, here are the […]

Should You Open a Roth IRA?


Tax Season is upon us and this time of year usually gets people thinking about funding IRA contributions for last year, which usually leads to a question of – which type of IRA is right for me? Today we’re going to briefly talk about Roth IRAs.  There’s been a lot of talk about Roth IRAs […]

This Week in Personal Finance – March 19, 2010

Personal Finance

It’s been a busy week, but a great week – we’re finally getting over our sicknesses at the R2 household! It’s also a great week because the NCAA tournament begins!  I love March Madness – the games are always full of good sports drama and usually very exciting! But, it’s another week in the books and it’s time for […]

This Week in Personal Finance – February 12, 2010

Personal Finance

It’s been a great week!  My first post as a writer went up on Christian PF (see link below).  I’m excited about the opportunity to write for a great site like that. The markets have been a little crazy this week and there still a lot of talk about our national debt.  The best thing […]

Who Can You Count on For Retirement?

Retirement Planning

The government, your employer or yourself? Who do you count on for your retirement?