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5 Ways a Steel Building Can Instantly Save You Money

Saving Money

The most cost-effective form of construction on the market today is by far the steel building. They are usually around half the cost of other construction materials and can be erected in no time at all, saving you a tonne of cash in labour costs. Here, we are taking you through all of the different […]

Five Cheap Tricks That Will Save on Energy Bills This Winter

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Save on Energy Bills This Winter Worried about your energy bills this winter? Heating can contribute to a significant increase, which is why you’ll need to think in advance and come up with ways to save money. The good news is that a couple of simple tricks can decrease your electricity consumption. Here are five […]

You Can Save Money on Home and Car Insurance


You’re no different than anyone else. You want to save money. Period. On anything you can. Others will tell you how to save on decorating or television services or even buying groceries. But there also are ways to save on auto and home insurance without scrimping on coverage. That means if you do have trouble, […]

Will Saving 10% of Your Income Be Enough to Retire?


As human beings we like numbers, especially round ones. If I want to plan for retirement, don’t give me a lot of charts and graphs, just give me a percentage that I need to save. A common percentage is 10%. It’s simple. It seems doable. And if you’re a Christian, it matches the tithe, so […]

Use Coupons to Save Money

Saving Money

Saving money while shopping for clothing, groceries and even home decor can help you reduce the amount you are spending on a daily, monthly or even on an annual basis. If you are interested in saving even more each time you shop and you are seeking new methods of doing so, ensuring you are putting […]

Saving Tips When Saving For A Mortgage

Estate Planning

Purchasing a home is one of the largest milestones that many could make in their life. Having the money for down payment, closing costs and other incidentals can seem daunting when looking at the total amount of money. With a few tips and tricks, saving for a home purchase can be done. With patience and […]

Where To Find High Yield Checking


There was a time when you opened a checking account, and the bank not only gave you a toaster, but paid you interest on your account. The rate wasn’t as much as a savings account, but it was still reasonable. It was seemingly a fair deal. After all, the bank was lending your money to […]

Saving Money on Energy Costs

Saving Money

Gas and electricity can cost more than other expenses in a household if some things are not done to control the costs. You can use simple solutions to save money on energy costs. These solutions will require making some lifestyle changes. Make Small Adjustments Sometimes the changes will require you to change to way you […]

3 Simple Steps to Build Wealth

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If it were easy to build wealth, we’d all be rich! To build wealth is not easy. To build wealth is very hard, but the good news is that with a few simple steps you can start building wealth too! It’s funny how we seem to make the simple things in life more difficult?  Isn’t it? Take getting out of […]

3 Powerful Things John Wesley Teaches Us About Money

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John Wesley was an 18th century English preacher who focused on the justification by faith as well as social issues like prison reform and slavery abolition.  He began small groups of believers throughout England that focused not only on gaining scriptural knowledge, but also personal holiness and discipleship. He and his brother Charles were instrumental in […]

Life Unplugged: How You Can Save Money by Saving on Electricity

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If you compare energy pricesonline, you’ll see that there is always room for saving money on your bills. Somebody is always offering a better deal than everybody else. It’s nice to save of course, but the way of the world nowadays stipulates that we have to pay out regularly simply to go about our daily routines. […]

5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Insurance

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There are a number of ways to save money on insurance rates. This list grows even more when you consider the specific ways to save on various types of insurance (auto, health, home, life, etc). Today, we will take a look at 5 general ways that you can save money on insurance coverage. 1. Shop […]