Saving Money

Useful apps for saving money

Saving Money

We are at a time when saving money is one of the top concerns for the average person. Thankfully, app developers have been churning out quality apps that have transformed the average smartphone into a money saver.  This piece takes a look at some of the best. Hotel Tonight Hotel Tonight helps travelers to negotiate […]

4 Tips for Saving Water and Saving Money This Spring and Summer

Saving Money

Saving water is no easy task; however, it is a necessary task that also results in saving money. In this guide, you will learn 4 tips for saving water that will allow you to optimize your savings this spring and summer. According to information revealed in the annual survey conducted by Circle of Blue that […]

Advantages of Buying in Bulk


Going to the grocery store can be a frustrating experience for those who are on a tight budget. The money just doesn’t seem to go as far, and you seem to be getting less than ever in that grocery cart. While couponing can certainly help, you might want to consider the benefits of buying in […]

Five Harmful Money Mindsets that Keeps Giving You Financial Management Problems


Having the right mindset about money and finances is very important for a sound personal financial management. Negative and harmful psychology about the way you handle your money can keep you in financial woes. For successful money management, you need to get rid of these harmful thoughts. Some harmful money mindsets have already been embedded […]

Saving Money Without Sacrifice

Personal Finance

We all want to save money, but we don’t want to give up the things we love. In this article, we will show you some ways you can painlessly save money. In most cases, we aren’t asking you to sacrifice much, but instead to use smart planning to focus on buying what you actually want […]

Are Points Pointless or Valuable? Credit Card Incentives Unmasked

Credit Cards

When it comes to credit cards, scoring points is the name of the game. You don’t score points if you don’t spend money. And, sometimes, the points can be at least as valuable as what you happen to be charging to the card. Here’s how point work, and how to decide whether or not the points […]

Tax Filing Magic: Six Simple Money Saving Steps

Personal Finance

It’s tax time again, and you’re scrambling for deductions. Yeah, you’re a little slow on the uptake, and you really should have done a lot of tax planning earlier in the year. But, it is what it is. The best thing you can do now is start planning for next year. The second-best thing you […]

7 Key Factors to Keep In Mind during Insurance Form Filling


Whether you’re insuring your life, your home, your car, or your business, there are things you should keep in mind during the filing process. There are many nuances to different insurance contracts and some are so complex that finding a broker is almost always a good idea. Read on to learn about the ten most […]

Research to Stay Ahead of The Game

Personal Finance

Most people who go into the world of small business rely on solid research to determine their success. Reliable information about potential investors, competitors, partners and suppliers can make the difference between a well-executed strategy based on intelligence and a perilous, luck-reliant path. Here are three essential areas where company directors can focus their research […]

How to Buy General Liability Insurance

Personal Finance

General liability insurance is often necessary for a small company. This type of insurance coverage assists in protecting the owners and the business assets. A liability insurance policy covers business liabilities that may otherwise be directed at the company owners and employees. General liability insurance says that the company is protected against any third party […]