Tax Filing Magic: Six Simple Money Saving Steps

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It’s tax time again, and you’re scrambling for deductions. Yeah, you’re a little slow on the uptake, and you really should have done a lot of tax planning earlier in the year. But, it is what it is. The best thing you can do now is start planning for next year. The second-best thing you […]

Will Saving 10% of Your Income Be Enough to Retire?


As human beings we like numbers, especially round ones. If I want to plan for retirement, don’t give me a lot of charts and graphs, just give me a percentage that I need to save. A common percentage is 10%. It’s simple. It seems doable. And if you’re a Christian, it matches the tithe, so […]

What is Diversification

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What is diversification? Merriam Webster defines it as giving variety to something. Variety is good. It’s good in life, in business, and particularly with our savings. The idea of diversifying has been around a long time. With today’s market volatility, it’s increasingly important to answer the question – what is diversification – through the use […]

Christian Finance – A Blueprint For Getting Your Financial House in Order

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This was an original post I did over at ChristianPF – you can check it out in its entirety there. My wife and I recently built a new home and moved in a few months ago.  It feels good to be done with the process! There are some good financial lessons to be learned from building […]

This Week in Personal Finance – March 12, 2010

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What a week!  We finished up our 10-day journey where we looked at 10 money-saving tips to help us stash $10,000! Through each of those tips we freed up between $275 per month on the low side all the way up to $950 per month on the high side if you were able to maximize […]

Will Black Remain the New Black?

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Every season it seems like someone is declaring some new color to be the “new black”.  When it comes to personal finance, it seems this year black is the new black. “In the black” is a corporate term that indicates a company is profitable.  In other words, they’re spending less than they make and are […]

5 Money Lessons to Learn Early On


  If you haven’t yet, consider staying current with Redeeming Riches by receiving my posts FREE through email or RSS Feeds here.  Also, follow me on Twitter here.   If I knew then what I know now – surely I would’ve done things differently! Every hear those words before? Every say them!? I catch myself saying them […]

Do You Make These 4 Common 401k Mistakes?

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We all make mistakes – some of them are just more costly than others. When it comes to our retirement savings there’s a host of mistakes that could cost you. Because companies are shifting the responsibility of retirement on the employees, it’s vital to correct any of these mistakes as quickly as you can. 1. Bad […]